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Various Artists
Various Artists BPR-021
Proud To Swim Home: A Backporch Revolution Compilation for New Orleans
Backporch Revolution's first compilation, and a benefit CD for Musicares and other groups providing relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Available November 14th worldwide in finer record stores, "Proud To Swim Home" is a call-to-arms, meditation, and elegy wrapped in one; expressions from New Orleans' sound alchemists, some well-known and some unheard before.

This is not your typical compilation, it stands alone as a soundtrack to the Crescent City's struggle to recover from the worst natural disaster to hit the United States, while showcasing its vibrant experimental underground.
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CD, 2006
Various Artists BPR-021 LE
Proud To Swim Home (limited edition)
Contains the same audio as the official Proud To Swim Home CD, and likewise all proceeds go to charity. However, this CD-R was made in a limited edition of 25, and each one is hand-numbered and features woodcut-stamped graphics (no two are exactly the same). The CD is solid black with no markings, and there is no track listing or credits; however the song information is listed on the website and can be accessed via CDDB when using iTunes or your favorite audio player.
limited edition CD-R, 2006
Various Artists BPR-018
This conceptual piece worked up by potpie and alec vance is based on Steve Reich's work in the 60's with tape loops notably "It's Gonna Rain" and "Come Out" where multiple loops of the same sample were placed on tape machines which would slowly drift out of phase with each other and produce unexpected syncopations, cancellations and syllabic illusions. This will be the ultimate "hidden" track on the Proud to Swim Home compilation that Backporch Revolution will release on 8/29/2006, the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
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limited edition CD-R, 2006
Various Artists BPRS-001
Proud To Swim Home (original bumpersticker), pack of 5
First (Sept. 2005) printing of the original Proud to Swim Home stickers. Proceeds go to Humane Society.
sticker, 2005
Various Artists ixnay 00A
Potpie vs. Chef Menteur
Potpie and Chef Menteur remix each other's tracks. Limited edition of 30.
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limited edition CD-R, 2003