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New Orleans' self-annointed High Priest of Drone, potpie is best known for his work with sine wave generators and other simple electronic devices to achieve a pure minimalism.
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potpie BPR-035
(vs. Krzysztof) Appalachia
The latest offering from our man in Asheville is actually a split EP between potpie and his robot double Krzysztof. Each contributes a single long track inspired by bluegrass music.

potpie's approach is to take dozens of tiny loops of actual bluegrass recordings and layer them into a hypnotic avant-grass jam. Then Krzysztof uses a sine wave generator to create what sounds like a robot hoedown! Both tracks were recorded live, no computers.

As with all potpie's releases this is a super-limited edition of 50, hand-made and -numbered by the artist.
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limited edition CD-R, 2009
potpie ixnay 015
plays the classics
If you know what this is about, you know you want it and you should get it while you can... Once again, a rare limited edition of 50, handmade-by-the-artist cd-r.

Write to us about availability, or pick it up it at Mckeown's in New Orleans.
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limited edition CD-R, 2008
potpie dose 29
krzysztof - jajouka
five tracks of incredible sinewave generator improvisations. no computers. no editing. recording under the name "krzysztof", potpie took inspiration from the likes of Jajouka, Konono #1, and Terry Riley and churned out some complex and mesmerizing work. Numbered edition of 68 copies.
limited edition CD-R, 2008