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Sketches of an Amorous Window
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A Geisterfahrer side project, Sketches of an Amorous Window has Aubrey and Shae taking a detour into pastoral Americana with gentle echoes of country vocals, harmonies, slide guitars and banjos.
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Sketches of an Amorous Window BPR-040
A Scarlet Migration
Southern gothic folksongs with roots from all kinds of peasant music across the Atlantic, the third release from S.A.W. marries dark and sad ballads with ghostly saw-playing; mournful banjo-plucking, and male/female harmonies.

The CD version has 7 bonus tracks including 2 additional originals, a cover of Low's "Throw Out the Line", and 4 field recordings.
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limited edition CD-R, 2009
Sketches of an Amorous Window cZen019
Loblolly Verses EP
Another fine release from S.A.W.—the folkier side of the Geisterfahrer duo—featuring the standout tune "Ether Blues."
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digital album, 2014