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Geisterfahrer is a New Orleans duo creating a mixture of Catatonic Dance music and Avant-India-Drone-Pop without the use of computers of synthesizers. Process=Product.
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Geisterfahrer BPR-046
One Lonely Cricket
This EP was recorded as long-form minimalist-drone companion pieces to the "Telegraph" album and uses no computers or synthesizers in any way.
digital album, 2011
Geisterfahrer BPR-045
Stained Lunar
geisterfahrer continues its journey into darker territory. another beautiful and haunting release.
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limited edition CD-R, 2011
Geisterfahrer BPR-039
Geisterfahrer's second album on Backporch Revolution is another glorious immersion into a world of dreamy minimalism, kosmik drone, and oriental shivers which serve as an ambient backdrop for some outstanding songwriting.
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limited edition CD-R, 2010