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Solo project of Mike Mayfield from the Buttons and Electrical Spectacle
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Liteworks BPR-036
2009 Tour EP
This 35 minute EP contains two songs recorded during rehearsals for their 2009 World Tour (Circle Bar, Wed Jan 14, 10pm; see Shows for more info).

Blissed-out drones, oscillating filter sweeps, micro modulations and phaser tweaking reminiscient of the ambient "kosmische" side of krautrock bands such as Harmonia, Cluster, Faust, and Popol Vuh mixed in with a bit of Raymond Scott and other early electronics pioneers.

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limited edition CD-R, 2009
Liteworks BPR-030
Sensation Of Sound EP
The new EP from Liteworks—the solo project of keyboard maestro Mike Mayfield—features some more great synthesizer sounds, analog drum machines, and catchy melodies. For fans of Raymond Scott, Cluster, Angelo Badalamenti, Suicide, and Neu!
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CD-R, 2008
Liteworks BPR-019
The debut album by Liteworks is a groovy collection of ambient analog synthesizer based tunes that New Orleans musician Mike Mayfield (Electrical Spectacle, The Buttons, Chef Menteur) cooked up while in Austin, Texas for a few months during his Hurricane Katrina-imposed exile.
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CD-R, 2006