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Time Promises Power
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Experimental Electronica duo existing solely in the ether(net)
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Time Promises Power BPR-016
Tomorrow Grieves Today
Produced in New Orleans soon after the horrific wake of Hurricane Katrina, this 13 track release abandons the concept that an electronic album or band needs to be strapped to a specific genre. From the dub-influenced "NINEZERODAWG", to the Kraut Rock inspired "Tonight the Stars Revolt!", TPP brings us songs that reference a familiar universe while laying their own unique and mysterious foundation of synth-injured hooks, solidly fumbled beats, and atmospheric hypnosis.
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CD, 2006
Time Promises Power BPR-012
Now the Gentle Bull
The debut album from freaknik electronica duo Time Promises Power! Long distance martian romance! Free hypnotherapy!
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CD-R, 2005