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Various Artists BPRS-001
Proud To Swim Home (original bumpersticker), pack of 5
This is the original "New Orleans: Proud To Swim Home" sticker as conceived on Aug. 30, 2005 and for sale originally on By popular demand we're now offering the overstock from the first printing again.

This first pressing are smaller than full-size bumper stickers, and the purple ink was a bit too black, so only the first few hundred or so people who ordered them on buyolympia got them, before a second, larger, more purple version was reprinted.

The second printing was more faithful to the sticker we were parodying. However because so many 'entrepreneurs' ripped us off, you know when you see these smaller, darker stickers that you have the original -- and it's benefiting the Humane Society and the Habitat for Humanity.

As seen on Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke." Pack of 5 stickers.
Format: sticker Released: 2005-09-02