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Desert Island DJs {bpr.podcast}
Backporch Revolution's curated series of guests DJ put together some tasty mixes of all genres from around the world that people with eclectic music tastes should enjoy. Featuring some former WTUL New Orleans DJs, BPR musicians, and other folks with deep music knowledge and a knack for putting together a playlist. The rules are evolving, but in this version of Lord of the Flies, Piggy and the glasses win.
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mix by Doctor Gumbo
Fri, 16 May 2014
The latest podcast from Doctor Gumbo with tunes from Acadiana, Africa and all points in between.
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Sun, 26 Jan 2014
Female singers, pop songs…..GO! Being that these were the only two criteria for our mix it could've ended up being three days long, and almost was…. but you have to stop somewhere. We hope you enjoy. - Aubrey & Shae
The Rise & Fall of Debbie Downer & The Rainy Saturdays
mix by Trey Smith
Sun, 10 Nov 2013
Trey Smith's extends his lead with his 6th contribution to the Desert Island DJ series.
Musique Du Maison
mix by Doctor Gumbo
Sat, 06 Jul 2013
Rediscovering his love for house music beginning in the mid-90's, Doctor Gumbo pulls together a mix of some of today's top DJs and producers in the genre.
Radio Heidelberg - Deutsches Radio 22.2.00
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Fri, 10 May 2013
I was visiting my dear friends Shurd & Jane in Heidelberg, Germany and decided one cold, rainy Tuesday night in late February to sit down in their flat with a bottle of red wine and a pack of cigarettes to record sounds off German Radio....
Smart but Casual
mix by Trey Smith
Sat, 20 Apr 2013
Trey Smith returns with his fifth installment, this time as iconoclast: "very little of this is music you would normally hear on the podcast in general". More eclectic than our usual offerings? You be the judge...
Not Your Cup of Tea: Air bubbles on an inner tube.
mix by Duncan Edwards
Fri, 29 Mar 2013
The latest in a series of "unbearably popular" (his words, not ours) podcasts from the humble and discriminating mind of Duncan Edwards. Try to listen to this and not have "Terry Keeps His Clips On" running through your head for the next 7 hours.
Episode 27 - New. Mexico.
mix by Doctor Gumbo
Tue, 05 Mar 2013
Doctor Gumbo's latest mix pulls together a collection of psychedelic cumbias, Norteña techno and dirty barrio beats from and inspired by Mexico.
Episode 26 - Cover Me!
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Sat, 16 Feb 2013
a mix of popular artists covering other popular artists narrowed down by choosing what we considered to be "successful" cover versions in either their loyal rendering of the original or their creative divergence -- Aubrey & Shae
Episode 25 - In the style of IndigoM (In Memory of Leigh Bess Boone)
mix by Trey Smith
Fri, 11 Jan 2013
A tribute to a fallen friend... including some classic IDM, downtempo and postrock tracks from DJ Trey Smith. More details on the page.
Episode 24 - Not Your Cup of Myrrh
mix by Duncan Edwards
Mon, 31 Dec 2012
Round 3 dragged its sorry ass in late, with Duncan's technically beleaguered submission miraculously squeaking in under the door as 2012 came to a close. Another eclectic and eccentric mix from our Englishman in Dallas.
Episode 23 - Makeout Songs
mix by PinkySqueak
Fri, 07 Dec 2012
Take off both of your socks and snuggle-up with your guy, gal, or whatever, and allow the magic to commence; conquer each other and your souls. Immerse yourselves in this moisty, moisty mix of maladroitious and satan-saluting onslaught of super-sexiness.
Episode 22 - Autumnal Enossification: A Brian Eno Mix by A. Dalio
mix by Andrew Dalio
Fri, 23 Nov 2012
Andrew Dalio returns with a mix that pays tribute to some of Brian Eno's rarer tracks that remind him of the season (autumn).
Episode 21 - Alacrity Variations
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Fri, 09 Nov 2012
A good old-fashioned mix-tape style mishmash of random stuff from the .CitiZen.oBjeCts. collection... not the 'typical' sound for a number of these bands… there's your unification if you need one.
Episode 20 - The Old Road Hog's Mixtape Number Two
mix by The Old Road Hog
Fri, 26 Oct 2012
The Old Road Hog rolls into town all gassed up with a trunkload of killer R&B and soul tunes mixed in with some other classic underheard gems. Don't ever stop grooving. Don't ever stop moving.
Episode 19 - I Saw the Light Come Shinin' 'Round & 'Round
mix by Trey Smith
Fri, 05 Oct 2012
DJ Trey Smith's third installation in the series twists like a psychedelic ribbon of dub and space music....
Episode 18: Doppelgängers
mix by DJ Potpie
Fri, 21 Sep 2012
Our hops man in Asheville, former NOLA sonic shaman, and prolific BPR solo artist Potpie shares some of his favorite weird covers.
Episode 17 - You Can Never Go Back
mix by DJ Snarkaluffagus
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
Our new Desert Island DJ is Snarkaluffagus — our first female selector, who brings a poppier college-rock sensibility to our marooned tune junkies. Just in time for her birthday, she takes a look back at childhood lost
Episode 16: The Swamp
mix by Doctor Gumbo
Fri, 10 Aug 2012
Doctor Gumbo returns in round two with a slammin' mix of international beats, as perfect as a Pimm's Cup for reviving yourself in the humid August summer. Savor the overtones of dub, electronic, and funk.
Episode 15 - Keys to the Clouds
mix by aleatoric
Sat, 28 Jul 2012
These tracks are all great keyboard tracks, whether Farfisa organ, Rhodes electric piano or Roland Juno synthesizer, to sail through long and humid summer days with.
Episode 14 - In C - {version}
mix by andrew dalio
Fri, 13 Jul 2012
Andrew Dalio with a mix of 5 versions of Terry Riley's In C. Some playing at the same time. And stuff. It starts with the Shanghai Film Orchestra. Then it gets mixed up a bit...
Episode 13 - Not Your Cup of Tea: Hey ho... donkey riding!
mix by Duncan Edwards
Fri, 29 Jun 2012
The second in the illustrious and somewhat contentious series, "Not Your Cup of Tea" presented by veteran disc jockey and crumpet eater Duncan Edwards. Enjoy at your own risk.
Episode 12 - 90's Ambiance pt II - the shoegaze era
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Fri, 15 Jun 2012
Although some of these tunes are not specifically regarded as "shoegaze", we've chosen to include them as representations of the broader feel of the time within these closely-related musical genres. It turned out to be a lengthy playlist…….we'd forgotten
Episode 11 - Rhodes Makes the World Go 'Round
mix by Trey Smith
Fri, 01 Jun 2012
Round two of the Desert Island DJ series begins with Trey Smith's second mix, an eclectic exploration into the world of the electric piano, namely the Rhodes.
Episode 10 - Late and Incomplete
mix by Chris Crowley
Thu, 10 May 2012
The third in a trio of former WTUL DJs who have been cajoled into our loosely competitive podcast series, Chris Crowley slipped this mix under the door at the closing bell, winning the Ultimate Procrastination Trophy.
Episode 9 - East of the West & West of the East - Part 1: Illusions of India
mix by aleatoric
Fri, 04 May 2012
Since the Beatles went to India, the West has been fascinated with the music of the Subcontinent. First in a series that of mixes that demonstrate the East's influence on the West (and vice-versa).
Episode 8 - 83 to Infinity
mix by Platinum Concepts
Thu, 26 Apr 2012
Another former WTUL DJ, but this one prefers to remain a bit more anonymous, however. Platinum Concepts digs through his 1980's stacks to bring you 83 to Infinity.
Episode 7 - Not Your Cup Of Tea part 1: Allergic to Echo
mix by Duncan Edwards
Thu, 19 Apr 2012
Former WTUL DJ Duncan Edwards (you know, that one with the British accent) has, after much needling and suffering, been finally coaxed to put together a DJ set. The first of his sure-to-be-many podcast mixes is entitled "Allergic to Echo".
Episode 6 - Discrete Mix
mix by Andrew Dalio
Fri, 13 Apr 2012
Episode 6. The Discrete Mix from Andrew Dalio features tracks from Popul Vuh, Yes, and Brians Wilson and Eno.
Episode 5 - 90's Ambiance – pt. I, the drift chapter
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Thu, 05 Apr 2012
.CitiZen.oBjeCts. is B. Aubrey Freeman, long-standing double bass player for Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? and one-half of BPR projects Geisterfahrer and Sketches of an Amorous Window. Here's his alternatingly blissed-out, heavy, and ethereal drone
Episode 4 - What's That Strange Glow?
mix by Pinkysqueak
Thu, 29 Mar 2012
Pinkysqueak (Dan Haugh) throws his hat in the ring with a mix to draw the curtains on the other side of your mind. Or something! 60s psych and pop battles with tracks from This Heat and Red Transistor.
Episode 3: The Old Road Hog's Mixtape #1
mix by The Old Road Hog
Fri, 23 Mar 2012
The Old Road Hog is David Rhoden, and he likes to boogie. Here he is with a killer mixtape of garage and soul including some juicy rarities and some surprising outliers by Beefheart, and Rick James. His track notes are in the Lyrics tag of the mp
Episode 2: I've Got a Lot of Friends
mix by Doctor Gumbo
Thu, 15 Mar 2012
Doctor Gumbo (aka Tyrconnell and Dylan O'Donnell) glides into the new series with with this chilled downtempo mix featuring Mazzy Star, Brian Eno, and Air.
Episode 1: Deep Tunnels of Bliss & Blur
mix by Trey Smith
Thu, 08 Mar 2012
"Deep Tunnels of Bliss and Blur" is the first in our new 2012 series. Brought to you by DJ Trey Smith it's a trip down the halls of ambient minimalism featuring Scientific American, Mountains, and Seefeel.
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