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Chef Menteur SOB004
Sunrise Ocean Bender has released a 3-album Chef Menteur set on 3 CDs, called "III."

Beautiful packaging in a triptych gatefold that includes 2 of our best albums and some rare track: our vinyl double album epic, a new remastering(for "Force Majeure", previously available only on cassette and a whole album's worth of music ("North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday") that was never publicly released at all.

"...'III' is probably the best way to experience the protean New Orleans instrumental outfit Chef Menteur. Their sound, other than a consistent commitment to patience, scale, and noise, can be hard to pin down, but after you've made your way through all three discs here you at least have a sense of their scope. ... riches abound on all three efforts, and together they make for a hell of a survey." --Dusted Magazine

Limited edition 3CD set 'III' by Chef Menteur, including a re-release of 'East of the Sun & West of the Moon,' the previously-unreleased companion album 'North Tomorrow & South of Yesterday' from the same sessions, and their newest tangent 'Force Majeure,' remastered from a very limited sold out cassette release for full sonic glory.

Sprawling, ambitious, cerebral, essential -- those are just a few words used when talking about Chef Menteur's intoxicating cosmic brew of space and psych rock, drone, kosmische, ambient ... Chef Menteur positioned themselves 'upriver' from other music in their home-base of New Orleans and have proceeded to keep moving not only up, but out in every direction. Admitted 'compulsive tapers in the practice room,' Chef Menteur excel in texture and mood. Incorporating vintage, modern, and analog instruments with improvisation as well as field recordings, Chef Menteur are baffling to nail down. And wholly their own. 32 tracks, 175 minutes.

Contains the albums "East of the Sun & West of the Moon", "North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday", and "Force Majeure".
CD, 2015
Chef Menteur BPR-054
Force Majeure
Released on Waypoint Tapes. Only $4.50+shipping at Aquarius Records, if you can find one left..... Only 50 copies available!

"...finally, here’s a cassette-only follow up, and right out of the gate, it’s another stunner... Super limited tape from this New Orleans band, another batch of gorgeous psych-kraut and groovy droned out space rock. " -- AQUARIUS RECORDS
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cassette, 2014
Sketches of an Amorous Window cZen019
Loblolly Verses EP
Another fine release from S.A.W.—the folkier side of the Geisterfahrer duo—featuring the standout tune "Ether Blues."
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digital album, 2014
The Gubernatorial Candidates BPR-053
Triggerman 2013
"What happens when a profound misunderstanding of African pop meets a profound misunderstanding of DJ Jimi. Originally released 2010; remastered 2013."
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digital album, 2013
Myth & Measure BPR-052
Pastoral Brutalism EP
the debut EP from Myth & Measure featuring four tracks that incorporate electronic, drone, sludge and ambient approaches.
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digital album, 2013
Geisterfahrer BPR-050
IdylHouse EP - the Hurricane demos
On 29 August 2012 Hurricane Isaac crawled into New Orleans, knocking out electricity for most of the city. This EP was written and recorded during and after the storm over five days while the power was out utilizing battery-operated equipment. Songs are presented in the order they were recorded.
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digital album, 2012
B. Killingsworth BPR-049
Actual and psychic soundtrack of air conditioned noir, commuting nightmares, and indolent nature. Southern Louisiana 2011-2012
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digital album, 2012
Chef Menteur BPR-044
East of the Sun & West of the Moon
Several years in the making, Chef Menteur has released the epic tone-poem known as East of the Sun & West of the Moon, their most complete and ambitious work yet, with nods to kosmiche, neo-psychedelia, 60's British folk and Warp-style electronica as well as the ambient/space foundation they've always built on. The vinyl packaging has to be seen to be believed. Each gatefold jacket is hand-printed and numbered by artist Thomas Peri. Super-collectible limited edition of 200. Also available as a digital download (comes included with vinyl).
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Double LP (33 RPM), 2012
Archipelago BPR-042
Two Fires
"Such was the sad ending of a work of death, the result of seventy years of industry...."

Two improvisations from two separate sessions featuring the post-2008 lineup of Archipelago.
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digital album, 2011
Geisterfahrer BPR-034
The Quiet Failings of...
Geisterfahrer's latest album is a collage of sounds taking inspiration from minimalism, ambient/drone, krautrock, classical Indian music, shoegaze and pagan psychedelia. The duo chooses not to use computers or synthesizers, instead creating textured sonic layers utilizing manipulated conventional instrumentation, effects, field recordings (both natural & mechanical) and unconventional recording techniques. From quiet to unsettling, Geisterfahrer's effect is rarely immediate, rather revealing itself over time.

Also available on iTunes
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limited edition CD-R, 2008
Becca Rice BPR-033
Becca Rice
Becca Rice's eponymous debut is the collective result of bleak winters, encounters with the best of exceptional people, epic nights in the pub, and regrets both fictitious and genuine.
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CD, 2008
Chef Menteur BPR-028
The Answer's In Forgetting
The sophomore release from Chef Menteur looks to be on the way to be as critically acclaimed as their debut. Recorded in their recently completed studio, it features drone-heavy sounds with killer tunes and fantastic artwork by Miranda Lake. The first full length album to feature Dan Haugh. "Chef Menteur’s coming into their art and doing things no one else has.” —Jason Songe, Antigravity Magazine

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CD, 2007
Murmur BPR-027
Fermata (the Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Session)
Acoustic drone recorded live to 2-track inside a metal fermentation tank at the (now ruined) Dixie Brewery in the year of the hurricane.... Murmur's finest release yet. No reverb or other effects were added during performance or after recording. Just two 20+ minute mininimalist unearthly metallic resonant drones. Truly one of the most unique drone releases ever.

BACK IN STOCK. Or, you can order here:
Aquarius Records
Small Doses Distro
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CD, 2007
Various Artists BPR-021
Proud To Swim Home: A Backporch Revolution Compilation for New Orleans
Backporch Revolution's first compilation, and a benefit CD for Musicares and other groups providing relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Available November 14th worldwide in finer record stores, "Proud To Swim Home" is a call-to-arms, meditation, and elegy wrapped in one; expressions from New Orleans' sound alchemists, some well-known and some unheard before.

This is not your typical compilation, it stands alone as a soundtrack to the Crescent City's struggle to recover from the worst natural disaster to hit the United States, while showcasing its vibrant experimental underground.
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CD, 2006
Time Promises Power BPR-016
Tomorrow Grieves Today
Produced in New Orleans soon after the horrific wake of Hurricane Katrina, this 13 track release abandons the concept that an electronic album or band needs to be strapped to a specific genre. From the dub-influenced "NINEZERODAWG", to the Kraut Rock inspired "Tonight the Stars Revolt!", TPP brings us songs that reference a familiar universe while laying their own unique and mysterious foundation of synth-injured hooks, solidly fumbled beats, and atmospheric hypnosis.
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CD, 2006
Chef Menteur BPR-010
We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
The debut full-length album (after a series of EP's) from Chef Menteur is an instrumental epic released shortly before Hurricane Katrina that finds the band at its darkest and most psychedelic: an epic and heady journey into deep watery spaces that includes filmic soundscapes, organ grooves, eastern-tinged melodies, heavy guitars, ambient pastorals, and more than a few dark moments. The culmination of two years of homemade sonic experimentation on lo-fi recorders by Chef Menteur in their (now lost) tiny New Orleans studio.
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CD, 2005
Geisterfahrer BPR-046
One Lonely Cricket
This EP was recorded as long-form minimalist-drone companion pieces to the "Telegraph" album and uses no computers or synthesizers in any way.
digital album, 2011
Geisterfahrer BPR-045
Stained Lunar
geisterfahrer continues its journey into darker territory. another beautiful and haunting release.
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limited edition CD-R, 2011
Polymos BPR-043
Bright Birds Feed Right
Bright Birds Feed Right is the debut release of Dan Haugh and Andrew Dalio. Dan plays banjo, and Andrew plays bass. The two-piece almost always practices and performs acoustically, about as stripped down as it gets, but decided, mostly for fun, to record full-on electric, including synthesizers, drums, and other stuff... Their self-procalimed influences only include "heavy metal" and Popol Vuh.
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digital album, 2011
Archipelago BPR-041
The Earth Moves Five Ways
One night's improvisation from 2004, recorded live in an empty mansion in the Lower Garden district of New Orleans finally makes its official debut. Some fantastic variations of mood and tone throughout this session. An excerpt from this session originally appeared on the 2006 compilation Proud To Swim Home.
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digital album, 2011
Geisterfahrer BPR-039
Geisterfahrer's second album on Backporch Revolution is another glorious immersion into a world of dreamy minimalism, kosmik drone, and oriental shivers which serve as an ambient backdrop for some outstanding songwriting.
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limited edition CD-R, 2010
Sketches of an Amorous Window BPR-040
A Scarlet Migration
Southern gothic folksongs with roots from all kinds of peasant music across the Atlantic, the third release from S.A.W. marries dark and sad ballads with ghostly saw-playing; mournful banjo-plucking, and male/female harmonies.

The CD version has 7 bonus tracks including 2 additional originals, a cover of Low's "Throw Out the Line", and 4 field recordings.
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limited edition CD-R, 2009
PinkySqueak BPR-037
Special Feelings
Pinkysqueak's second disc is chock-full of eclectic goodies from the world of Dan Haugh. Many of these tracks originally appeared on Dan's song-a-week blog at
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limited edition CD-R, 2009
Liteworks BPR-036
2009 Tour EP
This 35 minute EP contains two songs recorded during rehearsals for their 2009 World Tour (Circle Bar, Wed Jan 14, 10pm; see Shows for more info).

Blissed-out drones, oscillating filter sweeps, micro modulations and phaser tweaking reminiscient of the ambient "kosmische" side of krautrock bands such as Harmonia, Cluster, Faust, and Popol Vuh mixed in with a bit of Raymond Scott and other early electronics pioneers.

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limited edition CD-R, 2009
potpie BPR-035
(vs. Krzysztof) Appalachia
The latest offering from our man in Asheville is actually a split EP between potpie and his robot double Krzysztof. Each contributes a single long track inspired by bluegrass music.

potpie's approach is to take dozens of tiny loops of actual bluegrass recordings and layer them into a hypnotic avant-grass jam. Then Krzysztof uses a sine wave generator to create what sounds like a robot hoedown! Both tracks were recorded live, no computers.

As with all potpie's releases this is a super-limited edition of 50, hand-made and -numbered by the artist.
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limited edition CD-R, 2009
potpie ixnay 015
plays the classics
If you know what this is about, you know you want it and you should get it while you can... Once again, a rare limited edition of 50, handmade-by-the-artist cd-r.

Write to us about availability, or pick it up it at Mckeown's in New Orleans.
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limited edition CD-R, 2008
Archipelago BPR-025
Images of Popular Deities
The free-folk ensemble Archipelago's first album contains four elecroacoustic improv pieces that violate the borders of world and weird music.

We're sold out but you can still ORDER HERE:
Autumn Wind Distro
Small Doses Distro
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limited edition CD-R, 2007