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“easily the most thrilling entry in the expanding sea of Katrina benefit records... if the tracks here aren’t numbing you into a trance, they are thrashing at you like violent waves of sound” –offBeat

“an unconventional soundtrack for an unconventional city” –Audiversity

“bloody excellent” –Terrascope

“one of the top 50 of the year” –offBeat

“Buy this compilation! Not only is it great, but all profits go to help rebuild New Orleans.” –foxy digitalis

“This is the music you just knew had to exist in New Orleans– vibrant, growing, and collectively possessed of its own “flavor,” as much a compliment to the artists as to New Orleans itself.” –Startling Moniker

“Backporch Revolutiton, a longtime home to the surprising underground experimental scene, offers its contribution to the recovery effort with this mesmerizing benefit album.” –Where Y'at

“I love the "Proud to Swim" compilation to point of framing the silkscreened sleeve. Salute! ” –djpoptart

Various Artists BPR-021
Proud To Swim Home: A Backporch Revolution Compilation for New Orleans
Backporch Revolution's first compilation. Available November 14th worldwide in finer record stores, "Proud To Swim Home" is a call-to-arms, meditation, and elegy wrapped in one; expressions from New Orleans' sound alchemists, some well-known and some unheard before.

from the liner notes:
Forged in the floodwaters of the 2005 disaster, this compilation represents all local artists on our roster who were active before and after Hurricane Katrina. All escaped, all were exiled, and all chose to return to New Orleans to rebuild their home and continue making music.

New Orleans is a city that has been reduced to a third of its former population, where all residents must continue to deal with tragedy and obstacles on a daily basis; where many people are still waiting for a FEMA trailer or an insurance check or even the mail to return to normal. The federal funds to rebuild the levees lag far behind the promises made when the story was still on the media radar. Every day brings reminders of the unparalleled incompetence of government agencies whose engineering and rescue failures are not only the stuff of legend, but sadly continue to this day.

It was just a matter of hours after the levees broke on August 29th, 2005 when we conceived the New Orleans: Proud to Swim Home bumper sticker (our version of the original Proud to Call It Home sticker which residents sported before the storm). Now seen on the back of tens of thousands of cars of returning residents, it was our call-to-arms to save the city while donating all proceeds to Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society.

At the same time we conceived this compilation, and we wanted to give it the same name as a tribute to everyone who has committed to return to their City to rebuild—as well as to all the rescuers, volunteers, and others who have given and continue to try to save New Orleans.

Proceeds to benefit MusiCares and other groups providing relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina

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Format: CD  Time: 1:17:45 Released: 2006-08-29

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# song name length mp3
1 The Bastard Sons Of Morton Subotnick: Nola EKG 1:10 
2 Liteworks: Bermuda Conference 2:10 
3 Chef Menteur: Aquavitae 6:00 
4 King Ghidorah: Bring Me The Head Of Michael Brown (6 Minute Version) 6:01 
5 Potpie: Blues For The Lower 9 3:18 
6 Liteworks: Liteworks 1:45 
7 Murmur: Secondary Fermentation 5:34 
8 B. Killingsworth: Downed Powerline Blues 3:41 
9 The Buttons: Universal Breadboard 5:43 
10 Chef Menteur: Charlie Don't Surf (Pinkysqueak Mix) 4:20 
11 Archipelago: The Earth Moves Five Ways (Long Version) 11:41 
12 Time Promises Power: Fish & Chips 3:39 
13 Liteworks: Looking Glass 2:43 
14 Anton vs. Nature: Phase Change (blueridgemtn mix) 9:22 
15 The Uptown Cajun All-Stars: Bayou Teche 1:50 
16 Potpie And Alec Vance: 8/29 (hidden track) 8:29 
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