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Sketches of an Amorous Window
Another great release from .CitiZen.oBjeCts., Sketches of an Amorous Window has Geisterfahrer's Aubrey and Shae taking a detour into pastoral Americana with gentle echoes of country vocals, harmonies, slide guitars and banjo, even a bit of musical saw. For fans of Mojave 3, Nick Drake, Low, Lee Hazelwood, and Lambchop.

sketches of an amorous window sounds a bit like folk, vintage country, murder ballads & disaster songs tossed into a shiny new blender amplified with lots of reverb...... and also serves as an outlet for the Freemans to write song-songs and play acoustic instruments while they are not busy recording as Geisterfahrer, Jamestown 1609, the Devil's Shadowless Hand, 23 Joules or performing with Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship?. c'est tout!
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.b. aubrey vocals, bass, guitar
shae freeman vocals, banjo, saw
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