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Sketches of an Amorous Window BPR-040
A Scarlet Migration
Sketches of an Amorous Window is a project that arose from a growing interest over the years in English and American folk music, early country, New Orleans jazz (plus their fusion as 'western swing')
and old time music (especially the murder ballad and disaster song varieties). It provides an outlet to write traditionally-structured songs and play acoustic instruments in a more straight-forward fashion as opposed to the more abstract, ambient or experimental sonic approaches of Geisterfahrer. We also have an interest in exploring the narrative ''"southern gothic'' aspects of South Coast culture and the way that folk music is traditionally tied to the land it is born from - echoes of an agrarian/pagan society and its characters and stories of the fantastic and mundane.

The idea for S.A.W. began as early as 2002 and started to take form with the 2004/05 recordings released as 'the heart & crown society'. However it wasn't until 2005/06, in the wake of un-natural disaster, that the project finally found it's voice in the album 'the palmetto boudoir'. What began as primarily folk-based songs somehow ended up being recorded as more county-influenced songs for the 2009 album 'a scarlet migration'.

Perhaps the next record will sound like German hunting songs?

A few of our (many) influences on this project:
• U.K. Folk: Comus, Wickerman soundtrack (Paul Giovanni), Steeleye Span, Nick Drake, Donovan
• U.S. Country & Folk: Bob Wills, Appalachia (Kossoy Sisters), Lee Hazelwood, Leonard Cohen, Kitty Wells, Simon & Garfunkel
• N.O. influence: Hot 5 & 7, Bix Beiderbeck, Jellyroll Morton
• World Folk: Eastern European, Greek, German & Celtic.

The CD version has 7 bonus tracks including 2 additional originals, a cover of Low's "Throw Out the Line", and 4 field recordings.
Format: limited edition CD-R  Time: 58:23 Released: 2009-09-11

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# song name length mp3
1 red leaf rag 4:07 
2 if fevers run scarlet 3:10 
3 the Walk 3:20 
4 last post 3:42 
5 winterNorth 3:16 
6 dreamless sleep 3:44 
7 more like blue 4:38 
8 creekbed lament 3:00 
9 autmnal 2:26 
10 rooster in the rowboat 3:17 
11 tulip 3:32 
12 watermark 2:48 
13 never high nor low 4:37 
14 cave23 3:05 
15 loons-MN 0:56 
16 throw out the line 3:52 
17 scolding squirrel 0:54 
18 jazz funeral 0:31 
19 the pumpkin song 1:47 
20 cherrymont frogs 1:16 
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