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Liteworks BPR-030
Sensation Of Sound EP
The new EP from Liteworks—the solo project of keyboard maestro Mike Mayfield—features some more great synthesizer sounds, analog drum machines, and catchy melodies. For fans of Raymond Scott, Cluster, Angelo Badalamenti, Suicide, and Neu!

All keyboards, drum machines, bass, programming, mixing: Mike Mayfield. Guitars and additional mixing on "dirty years" by Alec Vance.
Format: CD-R  Time: 19:23 Released: 2008-02-19
# song name length mp3
1 odds are 3:38 
2 falling short 2:07 
3 a way out 1:43 
4 dirty years 3:51 
5 salary life 4:20 
6 neverness 3:46 
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