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The free folk improvisational ensemble Archipelago (meaning a grouping of islands, or in Greek, "Master of the Sea", and pronouced ar-keh-PELL-ah-go) has no set lineup, does not promote itself or its players, but includes every member of the Backporch Revolution collective and other guests invited to play. The concept: intuitive absorption and retransmission of sound? An attempt to annhilate the ego through an immersion into pure vibration and space? A bunch or weird noise made by a strange mystery cult?

Instrumentation consists of guitars, stand-up bass, harmonium, cello, sitar, dobro, saxophone, tamboura, melodica, xylophone, dan-mo, hammered dulcimer, digiridoo, a rather large gong, and all manner of hand drums, percussion pieces and other noise makers from household implements to home brewing accessories to home-made electronics and circuitbent toys... not to mention live turntablism and other improvised electroacoustics.

Archipelago gets together three or four times a year and records a live session; their eighth recording from early 2007 is now available as Images of Popular Deities.
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Alec Vance harmonium, guitar, melodica, tamboura/zither, sitar, dobro, vocals, percussion
Mike Karnowski drones, turntablism, live mixing, home brewing accessories
Jim Yonkus stand-up bass, xylophone, various percussion
Mike Mayfield percussion
Carl Moller saxophones, clarinet, percussion, live mixing
Gabe Pickard cello, vocals
Chris Sule percussion, cymbals
Dan Haugh percussion, accordian, homemade electronics
Bryan Killingsworth violin, guitars, homemade electronics
Brian Abbott guitar, ukulele, banjo, etc
Jon Blair digiridoo, percussion
Court Batson mandolin, saw, percussion
.b. aubrey double bass, dilruba
Andrew Dalio bass, recorder, harmonium
Jacques Murphree steel guitar, percussion, etc
Phil Rollins drone guitar