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Starting almost a decade ago, potpie put down his guitar, stopped worrying and learned to love the drone. Starting off with a very primitive set up of turntable, cello and e-bow guitar and some cheap delay pedals potpie started his decline (samples of this early sound can be heard on his Teonanactl cassette), after a period of multiple turntable experimentation (see the Self Indulgent Masturbation CD), he started messing around with sine wave generators (see 7 Live Experiments For Sine Wave Generator, Field Saturation Vol. 1 and Black Panther Coloring Book). Soon he started to work traditional instrumentation back into the sound field with Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind and potpie Plays Eno.

potpie is known for loving side projects and can be found in King Ghidorah (heavy drone), Murmur (ambient acoustic drone), The Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick (experimental electronic), The Unfortunate Sons (experimental bluegrass) and other even more insidiously obscure projects.

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Mike Karnowski Sine wave generators and delay pedals.