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King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah is a Three Headed Monster; though it may not be the same three heads every time. There are no regular members of King Ghidorah. Cut off one head and another grows back.

King Ghidorah is the only band we know of to be kicked off stage at the Hi Ho Lounge for being too loud.

King Ghidorah will destroy you, or destroy itself trying.

"King Ghidorah might actually be the heaviest band in New Orleans. You're gonna have to pry that title out of their dead hands, now."-- Jason,
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Contributing and past members
Mike Karnowski guitar, feedback
Alec Vance guitar, organ, feedback
Jim Yonkus bass, feedback
Bryan Killingsworth analog modular synth, feedback
Dan Haugh minimoog voyager, feedback
Carl Moller moog rogue, feedback