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The Backporch Revolutionary
The Backporch Revolutionary was a hyper-lefty, hipper-than-Jesus print zine that ran for two whole issues in 1996-7, and published and distributed in North Carolina. It was started as a lefty alternative to the yuppie/bougie so-called alternative weekly magazines that seemed to care more about wine selections and boomer nostalgia than the actual concerns and issues of the day, such as health care, workers and environmental issues, afraid of lawsuits and beholden to advertisers, they were not speaking to anyone we knew or making any real cultural criticism.

So we founded a magazine that tried to address the real socio-political issues around us nationally and locally while taking an unapologetic piss on all the crap we found distasteful, from Jesus and His Christians, to national ad campaigns, to condescending local writer Hal Crowther* to Bill Clinton's constant selling out to big corporate consolidation (which doesn't look as bad now, but he actually laid the groundwork for the Bush dictatorship).

But we tried to do it all with a sense of humor. Some of the stories were pure agit-prop and we just made them up.

Oh, and the occasional North Carolina barbeque review.

For fans of the Baffler, Adbusters, Harper's.

*(probably the epitome of the usually imaginary crowd the neo-cons call the "liberal elite", he once suggested that all progressives like him take a private chartered yacht cruise to the Bahamas during each election season as if it were understood that everyone who read his column were as independently wealthy as he were; another time after Kurt Cobain's death he told Generation X that our comparitively listless generation didn't have meaningful rock star suicides like his did; everything was always so much better in the 60's when you could OD in a bathtub or choke on a ham sandwich apparently.)

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