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Out of the ashes of Ophelia's Backporch Revolution came Shinola (1995-6) who sprinkled the illustrious Chapel Hill (North Carolina) scene with out-of-tune moaners to love lost, cigarettes, and alcohol all under the guise of a faux punk/country insurgency. With three songwriters in the band, distorted fiddle (and sometimes banjo), they played 18 shows and had nearly 30 songs in their brief 1 and a half-year career but due to their infinite penury only released one 7" (Vodka b/w Who's a Fuck-up?) on their own label, Backporch Revolution. A cassette compilation was released in late '96 but less than 20 copies exist.
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Alec Vance singing, 12-string guitar, banjo
Anthony Alvarez drums
Shana Herron fiddle, bass, background vocals
Adam Walker guitar, vocals
Adam McKible bass, Farfisa
Cassie Marshall fiddle, Farfisa
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