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Ross Grady on Vodka

by Ross Grady, Triangle Rock
Dec 2006

Shinola. "Vodka"/"Who's a Fuckup." I don't really have an opinion of
"Who's a fuckup," but I will tell you that "Vodka" is one of those
twisted little songs which will cling to the lining of yr brainpan for,
oh, hours after you've heard it. It's one of those
abrasive-on-the-surface numbers that reveals its wicked cling-powers
only after you've let your defenses down.

As in, I haven't actually played the single for myself in, oh, two
months, but I found myself singing the chorus of "Vodka" to myself day
before yesterday. And loving every minute of it.

And inasmuch as twisted, wry self-loathing is a long-sacred topic of
popmuzik, it fits right in with yr canon, whatever that canon may be.