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The WIRE review of WASTE

by Nick Southgate, The WIRE
Mar 2006

Now established as a working quartet compromising Mike Mayfield, Chris Sule, Alec Vance and Jim Yonkus, these tracks predate the full-time arrival of Mayfield and Sule. The background beats and ambiences that Vance and Yonkus had collected on old-fashioned tape machines have since been dusted off and overdubbed for this release. These expansive instrumentals are typified by Yonkus's surging, probing bass and the washes of synth both he and Vance favour. There's a cool detachment to the sitar tinged "Paysans De La Mer", and an epic rolling quality to the lithe "Europa". The disc closes with two lengthier, freer and more experimental tracks. A roiling chaos of sound finds form and focus through its course in "Pointu II", acting as an Ur-version of its earlier polished version. The shimmering, lush, synth wash of "10", named after one of Jupiter's moons, wears its wondrous space rock ambience on its sleeve. —Nick Southgate