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“Five improvisations evocative of early electronic minimalism... softly orbiting patterns, anchorless electronics and thoughtful primitivism generating widening mesh of melodies.” –Foxy Digitalis

potpie dose 29
krzysztof - jajouka
"five tracks of incredible sinewave generator improvisations. no computers. no editing. it's pretty amazing stuff by Mike Karnowski, who often works under the name Potpie - with several releases on Backporch Revolution and his own Ixnay Records imprint. He took inspiration from the likes of Jajouka, Konono #1, and Terry Riley and churned out some complex and mesmerizing work. One one hand the music sounds incredibly modern, but if told this stuff was created by some tweaked out evil genius decades ago, I would certainly believe it. Numbered edition of 68 copies." —joe,

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Format: limited edition CD-R Released: 2008-05-12

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