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“GF mix 001: dannonball's drone and post-rock mix”
mix by dannonball
Tue, 03 Apr 2007
The first GF mix -- and podcast ever... by dannonball. Originally from 2006. courtesy of backporch revolution. podcasts and track lists at

I Lo Japanther 3:00
World in a Jar Enon 3:17
Sicilian Defense Replicants 5:00
Sealed with a Kiss Deerhoof 3:36
Native Belle Animal Collective 3:54
Pickup/Stillborn Iran 7:43
Dropp Autechre 3:18
Treetops Black Dice 6:25
Subnubus Mouse on Mars 9:36
Ancient Delay Wolf Eyes 2:28
Steve's Basement Kinski 9:56
A Small Turn of Human Kindness Harvey Milk 8:17
Get Your Curse His Name Is Alive 3:39
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