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Desert Island DJs:
“Episode 26 - Cover Me!”
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Sat, 16 Feb 2013
COVER ME! by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.

0:00 -Melvins play Berlioz 'Dies Irae'
3:15 -Nature & Organization (Current 93) play Paul Giovanni (Wickerman Soundtrack) 'Willow's Song'
7:46 -Galaxie 500 play Joy Division 'Ceremony'
13:00 -Ministry cover Bob Dylan 'Lay Lady Lay'
16:40 -Slowdive plays Syd Barrett 'Golden Hair'
20:20 -This Mortal Coil play Pearls Before Swine 'The Jeweler'
23:35 -Wall of Voodoo do Johnny Cash 'Ring of Fire'
27:40 -Scala cover Blondie 'Heart of Glass'
32:43 -Ravonettes play The Stone Roses 'I Wanna Be Adored'
36:23 -Low cover Pink Floyd 'Fearless'
41:33 -Lee Hazlewood plays Tom T Hall 'No Regrets'
45:10 -the Mike Flowers Pops slay Oasis 'Wonderwall'
47:52 -Ride play Creation 'How Does It Feel To Feel'
51:25 -Cocteau Twins cover Rollins & Nelson 'Frosty the Snowman'
54:13 -Nine Inch Nails play Grieg 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King'

when deciding to do a mix of popular artists covering other popular artists, we almost fell into a quagmire of potential songs to cull from. we narrowed the epic list down by choosing what we considered to be "successful" cover versions; in either their loyal rendering of the original or their creative divergence…… we hope you enjoy them as much as we do - & with respect to potpie, as we manifested the same
idea in ignorance of one another. -- Aubrey & Shae
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