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dr gumbo (aka Tyrconnell):
“I Suoni di San Valentino”
mix by Tyrconnell
Wed, 14 Feb 2007
"I Suoni di San Valentino" is Tyrconnell's first mix/podcast for BPR, and he drops the needle on several international affaires du coeur in no less than five languages over the course of ten tracks.


01. federico aubele - diario de viaje (gran hotel buenos aires, esl music)
02. thievery corporation - le monde (the mirror conspiracy, esl music)
03. cheika rimitti - nakhla (the shrine afrodigital, ocho records)
04. ursula 1000 - ragnarock (here comes tomorrow, esl music)
05. federico aubele - malena (gran hotel buenos aires, esl music)
06. groove armada - your song [tim "love" lee mix] (groove armada back
to mine, zomba records)
07. pepe deluxe - la femme (supersound, emperor norton records)
08. st. germain - montego bay spleen (tourist, blue note records)
09. q-burns abstract message - a.s.t. (feng shui, astralwerks)
10 the chakachas - jungle fever (jungle fever, polydor records)


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