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last update december 18, 2008
NEW FOR 2008!
Download Shinola mp3's and help raise money to fight cancer at CyTunes

MORE INFO: Shinola's page on Backporch Revolution

Is there hope for real, heartfelt, political music in the era of deconstruction? Having a hard time believing we're not really just a bunch of slackers with nothing better to do than fake our way through an ideology the way we do our setlist? Fight the Third Wave! Read our manifesto...

I heard tell y'all broke up... Tell me it's not true! Also new to the site, if not necessarily news, is the Shinola Flyer Gallery
and this drunk self-portrait made at the Cave!

Hey! For those of you outmoded and/or hip enough to own record players, keep your pants on... our first single, "Vodka," is still available! Win your own FREE COPY by taking the Shinola lyric pop quiz!

Like you care... a history of the band.
The faces behind this madness...
Upcoming shows.
See if you fit in to the Chapel Hill music scene!

Holy Imminent Sell-out Batman ! Against all probability (not to mention common decency), your favorite mixed-up, drunken, noisy, and self-pitying band got reviewed by the capitalist media!

Go on a Bar-B-Quest with Shinola! Holler like a stuck pig 'cause here's the world-famous barbeque pages. Listings of many of NC's famous 'cue shacks, and complete pages for nine (and always growing)!

See what's in Anthony's notebook and search the soul of Shinola's sensitive stickboy.

Send mail to the band.

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