Shinola: "Vodka" 7-inch

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On Backporch Revolution Records, Catalog: BPR-01
All songs copyright © 1995 Country Marxist Music Publishing, Inc.

Recorded in mid-95 to 8-track at Adam Walker's house way out west on Hwy. 54 in Orange County, NC, Shinola's debut single was released in late October.

Production credits

Recorded & Engineered: Chris Palmatier

Mixdown & Post-production: Marc Becker at WaveCastle Studios

Mastering: Brent Lambert at the Kitchen, with Marc Becker

Front Cover Art from an old Appalachian photo; Trotsky's head and other Russian paraphenalia grafted in Photoshop by Alec Vance and Jason Torchinsky (see Jason's artwork on most June records, as well as the now defunct 'zine Stay Free!... & his comedy stylings in the Van Gogh-Goghs are not to be missed--except for that damn Yoda joke). Additional help from their co-workers Steve and Doug at Fringe Multimedia.

Back Cover Art by Laird Dixon (Zen Frisbee, Shark Quest).

Side A: Vodka (3:52)

Alec: guitar, vocals Adam: bass, vocals Anthony: drums Shana: fiddle

A really miserable song about some really miserable times written while working some really miserable temp job and . . . well, you get the idea. Along with "(You Loved Me for My) Cigarettes," "Ashtray," "Bootlicker," "Caffeine," and "(All of My Friends They Like Drinking) Cheap Whiskey, Bad Beer and Jug Wine," it is one of Shinola's many substance abuse songs. Which of course is poetic license; none of the members of this band have any association whatsoever with liquor, beer, or any other sort (including grape-based) alcohols; their temperance is unsurpassed in this crazy postmodern world.

"Vodka" (1:35 edit, mono)

Side B: Who's a Fuck-up? (2:50)

Adam: guitar, vocals Alec: banjo Anthony: drums Shana: bass

That's right! Shinola is pushing the envelope of cultural frontiers by including a naughty word in their song title! (However, the F-word does not appear in the actual song, so you can play it for your favourite 5-year-old without concern for their corruption!) Contrary to popular opinion, this song is not about our drummer Anthony's personal habits. It is in fact about what happens when you mix up pet foods.

"Who's a Fuck-up?" (1:14 edit, mono)

How to hear the real thing...

The above audio files have been edited downsampled significantly to be accessible via the Web. "Vodka" has been sent to a number of college radio stations around the country. Call 'em up and make a request. Better yet, get your hands on your own copy by ordering it from Backporch Revolution.

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