Match the Song to the Sentiment. . .

. . . And WIN a free Record!

Look, all you have to do is match the songs at the left with the sentiment or subject matter at the right! Just take a guess, so I'll feel like I didn't go to all this trouble for nothing. I'm finally updating the site, and all free copies have been given away. However you can still get the "Vodka" single for a very low price from Backporch Revolution.

OK, so you're not going to get all of our inside jokes--Hell, even in the band only Anthony deciphered them all... so just guess (some of these can be figured out without ever having heard the songs, lucky you!).

Song Title


1. (You Loved Me for My) Cigarettes A. Taking your anger out on inanimate objects, Pt. 1
2. Particle Board B. That Joe Don Baker likes his Schlitz
3. Marxist Waitress C. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
4. Bootlicker D. Drinking, driving and paranoid schizophrenia
5. Jub-jub E. Tout le monde aime Linden toujours
6. Ashtray F. What a drag!
7. Darlin' You Made Me Cry G. Republican war on basketball
8. (Theme from) Mitchell H. The Gospel of Broken Hearts
9. Moner Lisa I. Beer : Liquor :: Beer goggles : ______
10. Vodka J. Aunt Selma Bouvier's lizard

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