Shinola played its last show at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill on July 28, 1996.

As early as December of '95 guitarist-vocalist Adam Walker had been threatening to leave Chapel Hill and pursue graduate school. He eventually made good on his promise and left for Georgetown Law School two days after the farewell show.

Fiddler Cassie Marshall went with him. Eventually they got married, bought a house and lived happily ever after.

Last Show SetlistAnthony Alvarez relinquished his position as Cat's Cradle soundman and Shinola drummer on the same day and hit the road with a band called Jump, Little Children. After being their trusty soundman for almost a year, he now lives and attends college in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife Gina.

Adam Mckible ("Mayor McCripple", bass and Farfisa) remained in Chapel Hill and continued to play with Pine State until they finally broke up. He then formed a country-swing band called Earl Wells and the Gushers, who also broke up. The lucky man is now living in NYC, educating cops.

Guitarist-vocalist-banjoist Alec Vance also stayed in Chapel Hill, and split his free time between playing Farfisa for Ch'rora, editing a 'zine called The Backporch Revolutionary, and collecting unemployment. Most of his Chapel Hill friends took off during that year, so in early October '97 he moved to New Orleans with his girlfriend, and now plays with the experimental project Chef Menteur.

Will Shinola® return, in a new form as yet unforseen, with members as yet unnamed? Who knows? Rumors are flying through the empty, uncertain air. We'll hang on to the name just in case.

In the meantime Alec has put together a compilation tape of Shinola tunes. It's 90 full minutes, and features many, many unreleased songs. A few aren't even by Shinola! Go to the Backporch Revolution page for more details.

During the intermission please amuse yourselves with some of our friends from Carolina:


The Van Gogh-Goghs (Now in L.A.!)

Two Dollar Pistols

Squirrel Nut Zippers

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