Shinola Personnel

Alec Vance, egotist and atheist, plays guitar, banjer, assorted doo-dads, and sings.

Adam Walker, a shoe-shine boy from Kansas City, picks skinny lil' guitar strings, fat ol' bass strings, and his nose. He sings, too.

Anthony Alvarez sweats. And plays drums. He also does a Iggy Pop impression when the band gets drunk enough to go into "Search and Destroy."

Cassie Marshall, who went to a Unitarian School, learned all she needed to know at Catholic school. About God, that is. She plays violin and the Farfisa, and occasionally sings.

Token New York Jewish intellectual Mayor McCripple plays bass and the Farfisa. He also sings and plays guitar from time to time. The Mayor splits his time between Shinola and Pine State, where he goes by the pseudonym "Adam McKible."

Of course, rumor has it that the band, like Pine State and many other Chapel Hill bands, broke up.

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