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Chef Menteur with Good Sugar and the Stacks
Saturday, 4 Jan 2020. 8pm.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Chef Menteur, now a trio with Court Batson, plays their first show since 2016. Also playing are the Stacks, and the debut of Good Sugar!

Chef Menteur playing Mermaid Lounge Reunion Festival
Saturday, 10 Dec 2016. Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening. Chef Menteur plays 3pm Saturday. .
The Truck Farm ( New Orleans, , LA)

Chef Menteur is playing the 2-day Mermaid Lounge Reunion Festival on Saturday afternoon (3pm), December 10th, at the Truck Farm in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. The band has not played a show in 4 years, but has continued to get together weekly and work on and record new material. They will be performing a set of never-heard music that they've been working on for some time. Since they last performed live, they've changed out one member and the current lineup is: Alec Vance, Dan Haugh, Phil Rollins, and B. Aubrey Freeman.

Festival Address: 3020 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117-6641, United States


More information at

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Chef Menteur | Whom Do You Work For
Saturday, 6 Oct 2012.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Chef Menteur LP Official Release Party with The Lonely Lonely Knights, Microshards, and Geisterfahrer
Saturday, 31 Mar 2012. 10pm.
Siberia (New Orleans, LA)

Chef Menteur's new double LP "East of the Sun & West of the Moon" will be released on March 31 and they're doing a show to celebrate. LPs are limited to 200 copies and jacket covers are gatefold and block-printed by hand on all 4 sides. If you can't make it to the show you can also pre-order a copy here.

Also playing will be the Lonely Lonely Knights, Microshards, and BPR compatriots Geisterfahrer.

Chef Menteur LP (pre)Release Party (for backers & friends)
Saturday, 11 Feb 2012. 6:30pm-10pm.
New Orleans (TBA) (New Orleans, LA)

party for kickstarter backers. official public release party to follow in march... (free)

Mermaid Lounge Reunion (Day 2 with Chef Menteur)
Saturday, 19 Nov 2011. Friday, November 18 at 9:00pm - November 20 at 2:00am Siberia and Hi Ho Lounge St. Claude Avenue .
Hi Ho Lounge (New Orleans, LA)

From Anthony DelRosario:

Its been nearly seven years since the Mermaid Lounge (1994-2004) last hosted live music. Time for us to celebrate the great times there.

Friday November 18

@ Siberia
Cambre & Capello
Orange Eye
66 Goat

@ Hi Ho Lounge
Phil Degruy
Valpariso Men's Chorus
Royal Fingerbowl
Egg Yolk Jubilee

Saturday November 19

@ Siberia
Strawberry Presents...
Jai Alai
Rotary Downs

@ Hi Ho Lounge
Chef Menteur
White Bitch
Norco Lapalco

$10 for both clubs per night

art installation by Tim Hailey
former Mermaid Lounge bartenders slinging Schaeffers
and more
($10 for both nights)
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Chef Menteur + the Beams + Bladerunner (Early show)
Friday, 15 Jul 2011. 8pm-11pm.
The Eiffel Society (New Orleans, LA)

Chef Menteur will be playing a set in front of BLADERUNNER. The Beams open. (free)
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Chef Menteur's Secret Rooftop Show
Saturday, 11 Jun 2011. 4pm-9pm.
New Orleans (TBA) (New Orleans, LA)

Chef Menteur will be doing a secret outdoor show for our friends and supporters at sunset on the rooftop of a warehouse in Mid-city New Orleans. This will be a fun casual party with our own homemade barbecue and beer, and Chef Menteur will play a full set. We'll also use this to shoot the end of a DIY music video we're working on. Anyone who pledges at any level gets an invite. (free)
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Cloudland Canyon and White Hills plus Chef Menteur and Pontiak
Thursday, 28 Apr 2011. 10pm.
Siberia (New Orleans, LA)

Cloudland Canyon -- "far out krautrock vibe, some classic long lost, extra damaged super freaked out sixties or seventies psychedelia, but filtered through modern technology" (according to Aquarius Records) with records on two of our all-time favorite labels Kranky and Holy Mountain. (myspace)

White Hills -- "Brooklyn's psychedelic space rockers extraordinaire" on Thrill Jockey (myspace)

Pontiak -- A different style of heavy acid psych rock also on Thrill Jockey. (myspace)

Chef Menteur -- It's been 2 years since New Orleans' long-running ambient/experimental project has played live: they just finished 3+ years in the studio recording their new double album. They return as a 4-piece with material from the new album: heavy neo-psychedelia, eastern drones, and proggy space rock. (Backporch Revolution (band site) (myspace)

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Polymos debut party
Wednesday, 18 Aug 2010. 8:00pm - 10:00pm.
New Orleans (TBA) (New Orleans, LA)

Dan Haugh and Andrew Dalio's debut as Polymos. There will be: banjo, bass, Moog, piano, liquor, and maybe even harp and tenor recorder. There will definitely be a good time! Booze will be here, but you should prob bring yr own mixers/snax. So enjoy a cocktail party and the debut of Polymos!

For location/directions, see the Facebook page.
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Bryan Killingsworth / Trey Smith
Monday, 10 May 2010. 10pm.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Growing cancelled their slot but Trey and Bryan are still playing! (free)

King Ghidorah at NoizeFest
Sunday, 2 May 2010. All day long.
New Orleans (TBA) (New Orleans, LA)

The deafening 3-headed doom dragon of noise/drone, King Ghidorah will be playing NoizeFest. This year's roster will include 3 current and former Chef Menteur members: Alec Vance, Dan Haugh and Bryan Killingsworth.

609 Rue Lesseps, Bywater, New Orleans
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Geisterfahrer at Barrister's
Wednesday, 16 Dec 2009. 9pm.
Barrister's Gallery (New Orleans, LA)

Experimental set with Geisterfahrer's first known live set. With Lonesome Leash). In conjunction with opening of Zradab: A “Legend” Unearthed art opening.
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Becca Rice with Gary Jules (of the "Donnie Darko" soundtrack)
Sunday, 27 Sep 2009. 7pm.
Huckleberry's Pizza Parlor (Rock Island, IL)

($5 (all ages))
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Ballzac / Odoms / The Buttons
Saturday, 5 Sep 2009. 9pm.
One Eyed Jacks (New Orleans, LA)

also: The Buttons video premiere for "Roller Rock" directed by Mike Kennedy

Sir Richard Bishop & His Freak of Araby Ensemble w/ Archipelago and Oaxaca
Saturday, 6 Jun 2009. 10pm. Please note VENUE CHANGE. Now at the All Ways Lounge..
All Ways Lounge (New Orleans, LA)

Archipelago, Backporch Revolution's electro-acoustic drone ensemble in the freak folk domain will be opening for guitar stylist/virtuoso and world traveler Sir Richard Bishop of the legendary Sun City Girls.

Sir Richard Bishop has just completed a groundbreaking album entitled The Freak of Araby, which sees him revisiting his Middle Eastern roots. Electric guitar, Moroccan chanters, bass, and heavy percussion are the instruments of choice for this one. Half of the songs on this new release are original pieces by SRB and the remaining half consists of traditional North African folk songs as well as compositions by Elias Rahbani, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and others. The new LP was released by Drag City on May 26, 2009.

Also playing will be Oaxaca from Oakland, California and Backporch Revolution's own Archipelago.

This incarnation of Archipelago features New Orleans musicians from a motley assortment of bands including Chef Menteur, The Gubernatorial Candidates, Geisterfahrer, PinkySqueak, Time Promises Power, Murmur, and Hooray for the Riff Raff. Names you may or may not know: Brian Abbott, Court Batson, Andrew Dalio, Aubrey Freeman, Dan Haugh, Jacques Murphree, Phil Rollins and Alec Vance.

noiZefest -09
Sunday, 3 May 2009. Noon - Midnight.
New Orleans (TBA) (New Orleans, LA)


SUN. MAY 3. 609 Lesseps St. Bywater. FREE! With super cheap cocktails, beers, and tacos.

Ballzack plus The Buttons (Alternative Media Expo After Party)
Saturday, 21 Mar 2009. 9pm.
One Eyed Jacks (New Orleans, LA)

Ballzack will Be playing One Eyed Jack's With The Buttons For the Alternative Media Expo After Party.

Alternative Media Expo
Saturday, 21 Mar 2009. Noon- 6pm..
Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) (New Orleans, LA)

Antigravity puts these on annually and as before, Backporch Revolution will have a table with everything from our entire catalog that isn't completely out of print, including some rarities. ($5)
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Chef Menteur at WTUL 50th birthday party
Saturday, 14 Mar 2009. Show starts 10pm; Chef Menteur plays at midnight..
New Orleans (TBA) (New Orleans, LA)

In one of its increasingly rare live appearances (the first since last June) , Chef Menteur will be playing WTUL's 50th birthday party at the Balcony Music Club on Esplanade Avenue (corner of Decatur St. in the former El Matador spot).

For this show we're doing a brand new set of material (including our first-ever cover, a 1960's British sci-fi classic, see for hints). Dan Haugh will forsake the drum kit in favor of Moog and electric banjo; also Alec Vance on guitar and Rhodes electric piano; and Brian Abbott in 2001: a bass odyssey.

Other bands appearing will be Big Blue Marble and the Tomatoes. The show starts at 10pm with the Tomatoes, then Big Blue Marble at 11, and finally Chef Menteur at 12.

This is a fund-raiser for WTUL 91.5 FM (Tulane University) and your ticket price also gets you into Cafe Negril, the other nearby venue where Glorybee, Arajay, Broken Smokes, and Player/Kommander featuring James Hall will be playing.

Balcony Music Club: 504 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, LA
Cafe Negril 606 Frenchmen St.

More info

Liteworks (live quartet) debut
Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Come see the debut of Liteworks -- the solo project of Mike Mayfield (Electrical Spectacle, The Buttons and occasionally Chef Menteur). For this show Mike has drafted Alec Vance (Chef Menteur), Joey Keppel (Buttons) and Mike Jones (Belong) for an evening of blissed-out drones, oscillating filter sweeps, micro modulations and phaser tweaking reminiscient of the ambient "kosmische" side of krautrock bands such as Harmonia, Cluster, Faust, and Popol Vuh mixed in with a bit of Raymond Scott and other early electronics pioneers.

Buttons at the Brickyard
Saturday, 1 Nov 2008. midnight.
The Brickyard (New Orleans, LA)

Buttons will play an outdoor party at The Brickyard as part of a two day dusk till dawn art and music extravaganza presented by KK Projects - The Life is Art Foundation. Located on the site will be The Conceptual Bar with drinks by Alan Walter, art by Louise Riley, and concerts by DJ Matty (10/31) Buttons (11/01). Also at the site: Gabriel Penabaz will be performing private ceremonies in which the participant marries themself. Homemade Parachute will be constructing one of their fantastical and crazy instillations. Part of Tony Oursler’s city wide video project which focuses on the youth of the St. Roch neigborhood will be displayed at the Brickyard. Anne Sendstad’s video "Light Writes Always in Plural" will be projected. The Neon Sign counterpart to this piece will be displayed on the outside of the Elysium. Elliot Coon will create a river of fire and a house of mirrors. Geroge Hargreaves will plant a fragrant orange grove. Generic Art Solutions has created a huge sign out of lightbulbs which simply reads, "OK" Louise Riley’s instillation comprised of mattresses will be part of the conceptual bar. GUARANTEED TO BE ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!!! (Free!`)

Steve Poltz w/Becca Rice
Tuesday, 21 Oct 2008. 7pm.
Huckleberry's Pizza Parlor (Rock Island, IL)

More info

Yip Yip plus The Buttons
Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008. 9pm.
One Eyed Jacks (New Orleans, LA)

The Yip Yips are characters on the popular children's television show Sesame Street. They are interplanetary visitors, presumed to be from the planet Mars who marvel at clocks, telephones and computers. However, Yip Yip is an electronic duo from Florida. For more info:

The Buttons are a local electronic duo bringing you the finest in Post-Synth Acid-Fi Throttlemax Computercore.

A Living Soundtrack | Douglas Ferguson | Chef Menteur | Rat Bastard | splnlss
Friday, 6 Jun 2008. 9pm.
Dragon's Den (New Orleans, LA)

A Living Soundtrack (New Orleans) could be one of the best live electronic bands in the country and a must-see for anyone who thinks they know what the New Orleans music scene is all about. “There’s a new sound bubbling out of New Orleans and it doesn’t sound funky. Will the Big Easy be the birthplace of the next decade of rock?” –

Douglas Ferguson (Austin, Texas) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter. Douglas improvises and scores with a combination of homemade electronics, fx pedals, synthesizers, and acoustic instruments to create sound installations, textural soundscapes, and soundtracks. Douglas has performed solo as well as in the following bands: Necessity, O.U.C.H., Study Partners, the Austin Theremonic Orchestra, EList of Likes, Lunar Death, Tetrahedon, Ejouto Dynamato, Buckle, Book of Shadows, ST37, Primordial Undermind, Rest Area, Venison Whirled, and Laundry Room Squenchers.

Chef Menteur (New Orleans) has been confounding people's expectations since they put a monkey in the oval office. Ot-of-phasey psychedelic drifters recently nominated for best local electronic rock act. “Sounds like an instrumental version of Kashmir as performed by Gary Numan” –Aural Innovations. The live lineup of Alec Vance, Dan Haugh, and Brian Abbott with Mike Mayfield may surprise those who last saw the band play live a year ago.

Rat Bastard (Miami): Multi-beer drinking, producer and hoo-ha guitarist by way of Laundry Room Squelchers, To Live and Shave in LA and Scraping Teeth —”Worst Band in America”.

spnlss a.k.a Jon Cohrs (Brooklyn) is a visual/sound artist who recently migrated from Portland (where he worked at Jackpot!), runs a recording business named after his missing spleen, and works for Laurie Anderson.

Difficult Music #14 with Killingsworth, Smith, Travis
Saturday, 31 May 2008. 8:00 - 10:00 PM .
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

featuring local musicians:
B. Killingsworth
Trey Smith
Austen Travis

Chef Menteur | Metronome the City
Saturday, 17 May 2008. 10pm.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Chef Menteur has been confounding people's expectations since they shoved a monkey in the oval office. With a saucy brimful of new tunes, the latest lineup of Alec Vance, Dan Haugh, Brian Abbott and Mike Mayfield may surprise those who last saw the band play live a year ago.

Metronome the City has been getting some attention for "Electric Elements Exposed" and been making some interesting sounds that you should hear in person.

Noizefest NOLA 2008
Saturday, 3 May 2008. 11am till sunset.
New Orleans (TBA) (New Orleans, LA)

from Michael P. Welch:

NOizeFest will be jumping off out by the goat pen RAIN OR SHINE
609 Lesseps (back in the Bywater, round the corner from Bacchanal and the Naval Base)
Sat. May 3rd, starting @ 11am

35 acts confirmed: Rob Cambre, Clint Maedgen, DJ Rusty Lazer, Quintron, The Other Planets, Gas Tank Orchestra, Mikroshards, Paint With Music, Ratty Scurvics, Hellen Gillet, Ray Bong, Prof. Pink, Star of Kaos, David and Lucas (of Triple Delight), Big Baby, LOID, C-Ba$, Donald Miller (solo guitar), DJ ProppaBear, PinkySqueak, I, Octopus, Wilderness Pangs, The Brown Stripes, MC Shellshock, Statutory Triangle, Fistfull of Teeth, Kid Calculator, Steven Collier (visual artist), Chuck Riley, Luddite Dance Machine, Mike Jones (from Belong), Julien (from Zosimus), Autonomous Jetson, Elliot Terral (visual noize)...and I'm probably leaving someone off...

This year, Noizefest will be selling booze and food and the money will go toward Chris' and Otter's hospital bills

RAIN? Fuck rain. The performance area is a big patio with a BIG roof. We also have three HUUUUGE tarps with which to build a rain/shade cave.
Meaning, even if we have to do it in the house, there will be NOIZE, booze, food, and more NOIZE.

benefit for new orleans musicians clinic (day 2)
Saturday, 5 Apr 2008. noon-'til.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

A Living Soundtrack, The Bally Who, Manwitch, Steve Eck, Good Guys, I Octopus, Big Baby and White Bitch

benefit for new orleans musicians clinic (day 1)
Friday, 4 Apr 2008. 10pm.
One Eyed Jacks (New Orleans, LA)

Big Blue Marble, Metronome the City, The Bad Off, DJ Mike Mayfield (of Liteworks, The Buttons), and members of Fleur de Tease

Antigravity Media Expo
Saturday, 23 Feb 2008. 12:00 noon - 7:00 pm .
Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) (New Orleans, LA)

The Alternative Media Expo is in its sixth installment and features over 80 exhibitors with 'zines, comics, photography, t-shirts, web design, films, blogs and other media.

Backporch Revolution will have a table featuring all our latest releases and some bonus show-only materials.

More info

The Buttons
Friday, 21 Dec 2007.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Difficult Music #11
Saturday, 15 Dec 2007. 8pm-10pm.
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

Gentle Listeners,

Please join us for an Evening of Difficult Music #11
Saturday - December 15th - 8:00 -10:00 PM - FREE

New pieces from two contemporary electronic music ensembles from Austin, Texas:
Numbers on the Mast
Inversion Effect

and a repeat performance by DM regular potpie
More info

Buttons DJ Night
Friday, 14 Dec 2007. 11pm.
R Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Hot Dogs, Rum, and Heavy Metal?
Friday, 7 Dec 2007. (rescheduled from Nov 17th to Dec 7th).
Old New Orleans Rum Distillery (New Orleans, LA)

Heavy Metal Parking Lot and Pretenders of the Faith, the most badass Judas Priest tribute band, ever.
Live music and movie night at the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery.
FREE rum drinks and hot dogs.

An Evening of Difficult Music #9
Saturday, 6 Oct 2007. 8-10:00 PM.
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

Please join us for the ninth in the series of experimental music concerts at the bookstore.

Featuring new pieces by:
Charles Engstrom (with Bryan Killingsworth and Austen Travis)
Donald Miller

From Bryan: "FYI, Austen and I are playing with Charlie Engstrom for the piece he's doing at McKeown's on Saturday. Short notice, I know.. but this came up on the radar pretty quickly.

Charlie's piece is based on a metronome that counts out time in prime numbers only. He, Austen and I will be improvising along with it. It's a funny idea because it's hard to predict where the beat will fall and playing along/around it will be an interesting challenge. "
More info

The Buttons + DJ Party Body
Friday, 21 Sep 2007.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)


Yellow Crystal Star | Murmur | Ear is the Brain
Thursday, 26 Jul 2007. 10 pm sharp.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

The cannabis-drenched acoustic drone side project of potpie and friends (including members of Chef Menteur and many others) will be performing an ultra rare live performance, their first in over 2 years. Murmur has had several super limited cd-rs released over the last 7 years and only a handful of live appearances. They will be opening for an amazing guitarist from Tallahasse called Yellow Crystal Star who will appeal to fans of Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Kawabata Mokoto' solo work or much of the Kranky label. Also playing will be Ear is the Brain who is Nepalese and plays minimal acoustic psychedelia.
This is a not to be missed show for afficionados of strange but
beautiful music, please come out and support experimental music in New

Miss Pussycat birthday party with Quintron, The Buttons, et al.
Thursday, 26 Jul 2007.
Saturn Bar (New Orleans, LA)

An Evening of Difficult Music #8
Saturday, 7 Jul 2007. 8:00 PM.
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

featuring - potpie, Time Promises Power, No Dance Company. Time Promises Power will be performing a piece for homemade oscillator boxes and "found" answering machine and other discarded cassettes.
More info

Record Party with DJ Lingerie and DJ Mike Mayfield
Sunday, 1 Jul 2007. 9pm.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

A mixed bag of aural delights!

Soul Sister presents Sound Clash
Friday, 8 Jun 2007. 9pm-1am.
The Big Top (New Orleans, LA)

Dj Soul Sister presents a free form, stereophonic, technicolor, underground dance night w/ 8 DJs & N.O. Rum drink specials. Featuring DJ Soul Sister, DJ Pasta, Dub Insurgent, Brice Nice, DJ Lingerie, Lady Lolo, Mike Mayfield (of Electrical Spectacle and The Buttons), DJ Paz, plus The Avengine Disco Godmother Dancers. $5 after 10pm; free before 10pm or for Big Top/3RCP members.

More info

Electrical Spectacle
Friday, 25 May 2007. 11:00pm.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

with Marcus from Glorybee on drums
also: DJ Lingerie

Confederacy of Dances: "Revolution No. 9"
Saturday, 12 May 2007. 8pm.
Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) (New Orleans, LA)

The second night of the performance.

Confederacy of Dances: "Revolution No. 9"
Friday, 11 May 2007. 8pm.
Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) (New Orleans, LA)

An evening of experimental dance and music performed and created by New Orleans artists at the CAC, Friday and Saturday night, May 11th and 12th.
Featuring music by Electrical Spectacle, potpie and Scott Herron.

One Cut Kill, Invention of Destruction, B. Killingsworth + Rob Cambre, and others t.b.a. (or not...)
Saturday, 7 Apr 2007. 10:00pm.
Hi Ho Lounge (New Orleans, LA)

The Buttons with Belong and Harry Merry
Friday, 6 Apr 2007.
Spellcaster Lodge (New Orleans, LA)

N.O.I.S.E. (New Orleans Independent Sound Experience)
Saturday, 24 Mar 2007. 4pm to 10pm.
The Big Top (New Orleans, LA)

Performers to include:

Electrical Spectacle
Chef Menteur
Deep Strings
Ray Bong
Helen Gillet
Bryan Killingsworth/Austen Travis
Charles Engstrom
Yellow Crystal Star
Uptown Cajun All-stars
The Buoyant Sea
Scott Heron
No Dance

admission includes hot dogs and free rum drinks provided by N.O. Rum

The Buttons ** CANCELLED** (with Panther)
Monday, 19 Mar 2007.
Saturn Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Please note! The Buttons will not be playing due to hyperactive shared groin injury. Panther will still be playing as will DJ Jude Matthews.

An Evening of Difficult Music #7
Saturday, 10 Mar 2007.
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

The latest in the Difficult Music series features 3 performances of new works by:

Trey Smith and Bryan Killingsworth (feedback mixer and analog synthesizer)
Helen Gillet (cello + looping)
allthatfall of (max/msp + rhodes piano)

Bryan Killingsworth performs and records as B. Killingsworth, is half of The Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick, and has collaborated many times with Chef Menteur. Trey Smith was in Austin minimalist outfit Numbers of the Mast before moving to New Orleans. They have collaborated several times in the past on modular (no keyboard) analog synth and no-input mixing board (pure phase feedback).

Helen Gillet is a locally renowned cellist/vocalist who includes traditional and modern classical sounds as well as French folk songs, jazz and experimental material in her repretoire.

allthatfall is New Orleans native Kevin Gipson. He’ll be doing set of live max/msp manipulations of Rhodes piano, sampled in real-time, and will also incorporate stereo field recordings.

Anxious Sound's Holiday HO-Down
Saturday, 30 Dec 2006. 10pm.
Hi Ho Lounge (New Orleans, LA)

A gathering of local + regional improvisors including Mark Bingham (solo guitar), Dry Bones Trio, Donald Miller, The Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick, James Singleton, Helen Gillet, (and more?)

King Ghidorah | The Hexbone Family | B. Killingsworth
Friday, 29 Dec 2006. 9pm.
The Big Top (New Orleans, LA)

King Ghidorah in yet another incarnation, with The Hexbone Family and Backporch Revolution solo performer B. Killingsworth
More info

Halloween Masked Band Ball
Friday, 27 Oct 2006. 9:30PM (9PM doors).
The Howlin' Wolf (New Orleans, LA)

Shatner, potpie's space rock band, will hold court as King Crimson in this annual masquerade event. potpie will also kick out the jams with Rob Cambre and friends in an imitation of the legendary MC5.

Other acts at Turducken's Annual Masked Band Ball: Big Blue Marble as Neil Young, White Bitch as Nirvana,The Public as The Smiths.
More info

King Ghidorah/The Creeping Nobodies
Monday, 25 Sep 2006.
Dragon's Den (New Orleans, LA)

Tokyo reports that the 3 headed planet destroyer King Ghidorah has been reported near New Orleans, the infamous noise/doom/drone power trio features a changing roster of BackporchRevolution cronies, this incarnation features potpie on guitar, Jim Yonkus on bass and B. Killing on modular synth. They have only played live two other times and were quickly shut down for being too....well... too everything! Come check out this rare performance of the heaviest band in NewOrleans before they get banned from every venue in town. They are opening for the Creeping Nobodies, a Sonic Youth influenced band from Ontario who are geting some good hype, come out and support bands touring through New Orleans.

An Evening of Difficult Music #6
Saturday, 16 Sep 2006. 8pm.
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

-Jim Yonkus (of Chef Menteur): solo bass
-Rob Cambre (first solo acoustic guitar performance)
-Austin Travis: solo drums

"Proud to Swim Home" CD Release Party
Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006. 9pm.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Featuring a lineup of all-New Orleans based Backporch Revolution artists who appear on our first compilation, the charity fundraising PROUD TO SWIM HOME. The show and album release happen on the 1-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's arrival in New Orleans. Roster includes Chef Menteur, potpie, B. Killingsworth, and Anton Gussoni (of Electrical Spectacle). Of course, the CD will be for sale, and there will be free stickers and other surprises. All money raised goes to help musicians' charities working to help people affected by the hurricanes, so your support is doubly appreciated.
More info

An Evening of Difficult Music #5
Saturday, 15 Jul 2006. 8pm.
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

New and experimental music with: B. Killingsworth, Gil San Marcos, and Ferveur Noir.

B. Killingsworth is a Backporch Revolution artist from New Orleans. He is also half of The Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick and has contributed to Chef Menteur. He will be using modular analog synthesizer played through a mini battery powered amplifier along with unamplified prepared acoustic guitar. He says, "If you like the sound of cicadas, this one is for you."

Gil San Marcos and Ferveur Noire are from Austin.

6/6/6 Black Sabbath Tribute
Tuesday, 6 Jun 2006. Show starts at 9pm sharp.
The Big Top (New Orleans, LA)

Big Hair Productions in association with Backporch Revolution Present... Tuesday Bloody Tuesday! on the 6th day of the 6th month in the year 2006 for one night only: All Black Sabbath all night!

Chef Menteur,
Electrical Spectacle (reunion!),
Shatner (potpie and friends),
Johnathan Freilich and the Dark Shabbos,

A Confederacy of Dances 8 (night 2)
Saturday, 27 May 2006.
Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) (New Orleans, LA)

Big Hair Productions presents A Confederacy of Dances 8: "New Orleans Mon Amour",
an experimental collaborative arts event featuring live music, original choreography and visual art design.

New Orleans based dance companies include:
The Anne Burr Dance Company, Moving Humans Performance Group, No Dance with choreography by Nicole Boyd, Anne Burr, J Hammons, Gabrielle Pickard, Maritza Mercado, Narcisse and Eddy Villalta.

Musicians include N.O. minimalist potpie, cellist Helen Gillet and others TBA.

This year we will celebrate our love for New Orleans. Join us in our celebration of the living performing arts in our city!
($18/$15 CAC members+students)
More info

A Confederacy of Dances 8 (night 1)
Friday, 26 May 2006.
Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) (New Orleans, LA)

Big Hair Productions presents A Confederacy of Dances 8: "New Orleans Mon Amour",
an experimental collaborative arts event featuring live music, original choreography and visual art design.

New Orleans based dance companies include:
The Anne Burr Dance Company, Moving Humans Performance Group, No Dance with choreography by Nicole Boyd, Anne Burr, J Hammons, Gabrielle Pickard, Maritza Mercado, Narcisse and Eddy Villalta.

Musicians include N.O. minimalist potpie, cellist Helen Gillet and others TBA.

This year we will celebrate our love for New Orleans. Join us in our celebration of the living performing arts in our city!
($18/$15 CAC members+students)
More info

potpie ("Waterline" CD Release Party), Charles Engstrom
Saturday, 20 May 2006.
McKeown's Books and Difficult Music (New Orleans, LA)

potpie: Maximal/Minimal Performance. CD Release Party for "Waterline."

Charles Engstrom: computer music inventions, clocks.

Show starts at 8pm.

Gavin Elder, Chef Menteur, Hexbone Family and Country Fried
Saturday, 13 May 2006.
The Big Top (New Orleans, LA)

Gavin Elder comes down from Baltimore to play for all their NOLA friends and will be joined by local bands Chef Menteur, Hexbone Family and Country Fried. This will be after the closing art show for Jimmy Descant, who makes fantastic space travel vehicles out of old vacuum cleaner parts. ($5)
More info

The Revenge of Chef Menteur at the Circle Bar
Tuesday, 25 Apr 2006.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Chef Menteur returns en force for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. This show will have the full line-up plus new member Dan Haugh on drums and Moog, and they will be performing classic and brand new songs.

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Time Promises Power at Mass Mvmnt Record Release Party in Seattle
Wednesday, 5 Apr 2006.
The War Room (Seattle, WA)

Massmvmnt Records invites you to celebrate the release of FCS North's Say Go and Time Promises Power's Tomorrow Grieves Today + the 12"s of ARC & Tubes + the FiTS mix. Live showdowns from FCS North, Scientific American, DJ Collage & Time Promises Power (all the way from New Orleans, first Seattle show!) + the DJ stylings of Fucking in the Streets, Mr. Piccolo & Plastiq Phantom.
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NOISE (New Orleans Independent Sound Experience)
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006. 8pm (doors 7:30).
The Big Top (New Orleans, LA)

featuring Archipelago, Moving Humans, James Singleton, NO Dance Co.
Conner, potpie, Anne Burr Dance Co.,
Donald Miller and Rob Cambre.

The Buttons
Friday, 17 Feb 2006. 11pm.
Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

The Buttons return from exile to play their first post-Katrina show.

"An Evening of Contemporary Space Rock"
Saturday, 11 Feb 2006. 10pm (doors 9pm).
One Eyed Jacks (New Orleans, LA)

featuring Shatner, Ray Bong, No Dance, Moving Humans, Mondo Bizarro Performance Group. Special guests to be announced. ($5)