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Becca Rice

Offbeat raves about Becca Rice debut

by Bobby Hillard, Offbeat
Jul 2009

When Wes Anderson begins the search for the soundtrack for his next suicide scene, I’d like to speak on behalf of Becca Rice and her ability to conjure up emotions buried far beyond the surface level. Her self-titled EP features seven of the most melancholy, yet beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. The perfect accompaniment to bringing out the most hollow passions humans feel just before sliding the razor across their wrists or drinking themselves into oblivion.

With a sound that crosses Mazzy Star and Elliot Smith, Rice shows real shades of allure in her music that many aim for but few succeed at. “Ballad in halflight” takes the listener into the psyche of a depressed lover, taking rapid-fire drags off the cigarette dangling off his lips while he reads the unsent letters through the tears in his eyes. Her voice rings ethereal over the slow, strummed guitar in “The wedding present t-shirt,” the lyrics coupled with the atmosphere created by the recording make the listener, at times feel dirty, like watching two lovers engage after a long fight.

Becca Rice should be the voice of movie soundtracks for indie movement; simple truths always ring the loudest when there is little to champion. With stark clarity, she commands the listener not to feel, but to know whatever personal ghosts may be creeping below the surface. If Rob Gordon—John Cusack in High Fidelity—were a real person, this would certainly be in his top five wonderfully depressing records of all time.