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Becca Rice 72
Becca Rice

Songe on Becca

by Jason Songe, Live New Orleans
Nov 2008

The bedroom is a mess. I fashion a t-shirt into a pillow, in fetal position with both hands up to my face. The mid-day light that seeps through the blinds bothers my eyes. I'd like to put a blanket over the window or go get a real pillow. My breathing is slow as I stare at the wall in peaceful defeat, accepting a current inevitability. Becca Rice is playing on the stereo, and her calm, dark acoustic music fits my mood perfectly. Better than that, there are slivers of hope in her heavy-hearted ruminations. When she uses her crystalline voice to full potential on "Trust," the world goes from murky to clear.

Rice is an American living in Illinois who spent four years(2001-2005) living in England and Ireland. These songs were written and recorded on a mobile four track recorder that she used through those years, bringing her guitar and accordion on moves to residences that sometimes, luckily for the songs, contained a piano. On this impressive seven song, self-titled debut, she uses the piano sparingly, adding color and weight to her guitar accents.