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Murmur 64
Fermata (the Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Session)

Startling Moniker on Murmur

by ITDE Radio, Startling Moniker
Oct 2007

... The disc being subjected to so much hyperbole is none other than “Fermata,” by Murmur, a sonic exploration of the inside of a fermentation tank, way back in mid-2005. Naturally, it’s a droning wonder, and probably more than a little painful to actually record. From my experience, the standing waves created in a highly reverberant space are uncomfortable at best– but these fellows are of stronger stuff than I, having dragged a harmonium AND and e-bow into the tank as proof. There’s other instruments as well, but none which I imagine being quite so suited to producing abdomen-quaking sound in an enclosed space than these!