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Proud To Swim Home: A Backporch Revolution Compilation for New Orleans

WYAT reviw of Swim Home

by Sigfrid Rydquist, Where Y'at
Sep 2006

Backporch Revolutiton, a longtime home to the surprising underground experimental scene, offers its contribution to the recovery effort with this mesmerizing benefit album. Simultanously it uses its benevolence to highlight a group of musicians that largely go unnoticed. PROUD TO SWIM HOME opens eyes to many artists with its sleek and subtle ambient sounds. The Buttons' "Universal Breadboard" is the soundtrack to a Molly Ringwald flick shown aboard a spaceship, and it is worth the price of the ticket. Potpie's "Blues for the Lower 9th" layers touching, plucked blues guitar with organs, sine waves, and turntables. Drawing tracks from all of their artists' albums, this compliation is great background music and is interesting enough to go directly into your ears. And best of all, all proceeds go to MusiCares.