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“In my opinion CM are one of the most unheralded pioneers of ambience in the past 10 years.” –Beat the Indie Drum

“ lying in a sunshiny meadow full of flowers while a gentle breeze ruffles the pages of your calculus textbook. ” –The Times-Picayune

“Psychedelic fans are in for a bliss-out with this one–there are some epic-length numbers on here, as well as shorter bursts of goodness... Dig in anywhere and prepare to be impressed.” –KFJC

Chef Menteur BPR-044
East of the Sun & West of the Moon

Several years in the making, the epic tone-poem known as East of the Sun & West of the Moon was released after much anticipation. It contain's Chef Menteur's most complete and ambitious work yet, with songs for lovers of classic psychedelia, space-odyssey synth drones, Warp-records style electronica, krautrock and kosmische, doom drone, hints of early metal, folk-, math-rock and prog-rock sneaking in from time to time as well. "A symphony of space rock" one might even call it.

Original Promo for "East of the Sun & West of the Moon" from Chef Menteur on Vimeo.

Long-time fans of Chef Menteur's instrumental sound will find more melody and structure than they might expect from earlier albums. As one WFMU listener put it: "This Chef Mentaur [sic] track doesn't sound much like their description on Wikipedia....sounds like some of the best early Pink Floyd."

Despite being a 2-LP set, there are no throwaway songs. In fact, there was another whole 3 LPs worth of music that didn't make the cut. (Much of these extra cuts are represented in the fanclub-only digital release North of Tomorrow & South of yesterday).

The gatefold jacket packaging is a wonder unto itself. Each LP jacket is hand-printed and numbered by artist Thomas Peri, who cut the cover art from a woodblock of his own original design. Two colors on back and front means that each jacket went through 6 printing sessions. Super-collectible limited edition of 200. Also available as a digital download (comes included with vinyl).

The Forest from Chef Menteur on Vimeo.

Format: Double LP (33 RPM)  Time: 1:11:50 Released: 2012-03-31

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# song name length mp3
1 Narconaut 4:49 
2 Il obstrue ma vue de Vénus 4:41 
3 Terpsichore 4:43 
4 Lozenge Club 1:23 
5 The Forest 5:46 
6 Oxen of the Sun 11:32 
7 Ganymede 19:08 
8 The Long Stand (part 2) 3:57 
9 Ordo Templi Orientis 5:25 
10 I Belong to this Plateau 5:59 
11 Reach for the Lion 4:20 
12 (untitled) 0:33 
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