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“Backporch Revolution label mainstay Mike Karnowski contrasts two of his aliases with each other, on this bluegrass-themed experimental EP.” –Startling Moniker

“... hints at spacey, bouncing dulcimers and banjos while also calling to mind the alchemic bubbling and distilling of corn liquor. Gorgeously odd. ” –Mountain Xpress

potpie BPR-035
(vs. Krzysztof) Appalachia
The latest offering from our man in Asheville is actually a split EP between potpie and his robot double Krzysztof. Each contributes a single long track inspired by bluegrass music.

potpie's approach is to take dozens of tiny loops of actual bluegrass recordings and layer them into a hypnotic avant-grass jam. Then Krzysztof uses a sine wave generator to create what sounds like a robot hoedown! Both tracks were recorded live, no computers.

As with all potpie's releases this is a super-limited edition of 50, hand-made and -numbered by the artist.
Format: limited edition CD-R  Time: 19:49 Released: 2009-01-12
# song name length mp3
1 Cold Mountain Breakdown 10:21 
2 Krzysztof: Descending Moonshine 9:30 
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