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“Becca Rice is playing on the stereo, and her calm, dark acoustic music fits my mood perfectly. Better than that, there are slivers of hope in her heavy-hearted ruminations.” –Live New Orleans

“a powerful release... definitely a lot to love in the short space of this EP, from beautiful piano and guitar riffs, to delicately sung lyrics. It's a brief journey, but one worth taking over and over again. 9/10” –Foxy Digitalis

“With a sound that crosses Mazzy Star and Elliot Smith... Becca Rice should be the voice of movie soundtracks for the indie movement... If Rob Gordon—John Cusack in High Fidelity—were a real person, this would certainly be in his top five wonderfully depressing records of all time.” –Offbeat

Becca Rice BPR-033
Becca Rice
Becca Rice's eponymous debut is a collection of songs written and recorded in 2004 and 2005 while living in Ireland and the Northeast of England... the collective result of bleak winters, encounters with the best of exceptional people, epic nights in the pub, and regrets both fictitious and genuine.
Moving house several times during 2001-2005 limited her use of electric instruments.  Instead, Becca relied on the more portable, acoustic ones such as her guitar and accordion to accompany her voice. Happily, the pianos were fixtures in two of the houses in England.

"This is a wonderful mini-album from Becca Rice. With acoustic guitar and voice, Rice creates a mood and space that is inhabited by the likes of Grouper and Songs of Green Pheasant. There's that familiar 'field recording vibe' here that just pulls me to this like a supermagnet. If you like quietly haunting music, or even hauntingly quiet music, I'd say get this on immediately if not sooner." -- Rob Rioux

"There are slivers of hope in her calm, dark, acoustic/piano/accordion music. The songs are pretty, well-written, and best of all, efficient. It sounds like she spent years honing them. It's not easy to make simple sound good, but Rice sure makes it look that way. " -- Jason Songe.

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Format: CD  Time: 26:07 Released: 2008-10-06

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# song name length mp3
1 The Unhappy 4:25 
2 Calm 3:34 
3 Nightmare #2 3:38 
4 Trust 3:41 
5 Ballad in Halflight 4:00 
6 High Strung 3:28 
7 The Wedding Present T-shirt 3:25 
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