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King Ghidorah BPR-031
King Ghidorah returns with a few variations on the doom-drone theme over several incarnations of the three-headed monster recording in New Orleans brew-supply shop the year following the hurricane, 2005-2006. Includes the long version of "Bring Me the Head of Michael Brown" (as originally heard on Proud To Swim Home).

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recorded by carl moller (#1) and alec vance (#2–4)

Format: limited edition CD-R  Time: 47:48 Released: 2008-02-23
# song name length mp3
1 Bring Me The Head Of Michael Brown (Long Version) 9:59 
2 Trouble Is Brewing In The New Atlantis 7:53 
3 If Helicopters Are Angels Of Death Then This Must Be Passover 10:14 
4 Gardenback 19:49 
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