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“1491” is majestically ominous, with an evil synthesizer riff that could’ve been stolen from the entrance of Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon.” –Antigravity

“...sneakily beautiful, almost mesmerizing in a quiet way. Chef Menteur is aces at subtle sonic infection... the thrum of the mellotron and ebb and flow of synthesizers are as lovely and organic as a country sunrise...” –Gambit Weekly

“Cinematic.... Chef Menteur demonstrates warmth, beauty, and perspective.” –Offbeat

“Constellation-friendly brand of stadium-sized post-rock” –Audiversity

“It’s, for lack of a better phrase, one hell of an engaging ride.” –defgrip

“Chef Menteur seem more interested in celestial matters than in the earthly pleasure associated with the Big Easy... Everything on this record is big: big fuzzy guitars, big pounding drums, big clanky synths. (8 out of 10 stars) ” –foxy digitalis

“A fine album by a genre defying band who have created a moody and atmospheric collection of tracks likely to appeal to fans of post-rock and neo-psychedelic rock. Highly recommended.” –Aural Innovations

“Some of the pieces here rival Chef Menteur’s finest earlier track “W.A.S.T.E.”” –Brainwashed

Chef Menteur BPR-028
The Answer's In Forgetting
Chef Menteur’s second full length release takes you from the nebulae of the psychedelic epic We Await Silent Tristero’s Empire into a re-emerging atlantis of sound. The first to feature Dan "rad" Haugh behind the drums and some killer Moog sounds as well. Produced in their DIY studio, and mastered by John Fischbach of Piety Street Recording. Brand new lothario and virtuoso Brian Abbott contributes to the album on electric sitar on the last track, "OT III".

"The array of sounds contained within the latest album (dubbed The Answer’s In Forgetting) range in tone from soothing, instrumental ballads of hope to commanding and ominous takes on atmosphere and reality. It’s, for lack of a better phrase, one hell of an engaging ride. All from a band that’s endured a handful of lineup changes along with the displacement and separation that followed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. " — Brian Tunney, defgrip

“We already knew Chef Menteur was gutsy, and with Forgetting we now know they have the patience to refine, refine and refine their ideas, with the result being that the band should get more national recognition and, hopefully, a little more local respect. Chef Menteur’s not just playing around with knobs—they’re coming into their art and doing things no one else has.” —Jason Songe, Antigravity Magazine

“1491” sounds like an instrumental cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” as performed by Gary Numan — Pat Albertson, Aural Innovations

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Format: CD  Time: 49:05 Released: 2007-11-27
# song name length mp3
1 Trebuchet 4:59 
2 parasitic oscillation 3:01 
3 Tonalli 5:06 
4 1491 7:45 
5 I.E.D. 3:41 
6 goodbye Callisto 12:19 
7 deathless 5:27 
8 exit the thief 4:20 
9 OT III 2:31 
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