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“The music is an environment, one that moves slowly from a buzzing guitar string to a cascade of zither notes that create a fragile, rippling energy.” –Offbeat

“An amazing acoustic drone record recorded in an old fermentation tank... as fascinating as the story behind their creation ... almost like a super lo-fi disembodied krautrock, the whole thing laced through with a nearly constant dronelike buzz, a sitar sounding shimmer that holds all the drifting sonic slabs together” –Aquarius Records Newsletter #282

“Naturally, it’s a droning wonder” –Startling Moniker

“pure gold for fans of acoustic drone.... Fermata reminds me why I’d take one fine brisk, sparkling Belgian beer over a lifetime supply of Bud” –PopMatters

Murmur BPR-027
Fermata (the Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Session)
Acoustic drone recorded live to 2-track inside a metal
fermentation tank at New Orleans' Dixie Brewery....
Murmur's finest release yet. No reverb or other effects were
added during performance or after recording. Just two
20+ minute mininimalist unearthly metallic resonant drones.

Carrying nothing but acoustic instruments and a portable
recorder, a group of five New Orleans musicians climbed
into a hatch in a giant metal cylinder normally used for
fermenting beer. An hour (or three?) later they emerged with what might be one of the most unique drone releases ever.

Murmur performs pure acoustic drone; meditational minimalism at
its quietest and most organic. An open circle of like-minded
musicians, Murmur uses no effects but a mini orchestra of
acoustic instruments to achieve harmonic bliss.

In this recording instruments used include acoustic guitars
with e-bows, harmonium, tamboura/zither box, dobro,
cymbals, bells, and vocals.

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Format: CD  Time: 45:54 Released: 2007-09-11

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# song name length mp3
1 Discovery of Mother Voidness 23:42 
2 Description of the Between 21:11 
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