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PinkySqueak BPR-023
Hjemkomst EP
"The fat man smiled, but somewhat vaguely. Happiness had gone out of his face, though he continued to smile . . . His face was a watchful-eyed smiling mask . . . By the time he had eaten his lunch he had found his means of adjustment."
Dashiell Hammet, from The Maltese Falcon

I started recording as PinkySqueak during the spring of 2006. It wasn't supposed to be a solo endeavor by any means, but it just worked out that way. 

After purchasing a MiniMoog with flood insurance money in the beginning of 2006, I spent a lot of time working with synthesizers and  everything that goes along with  them.  When Chef Menteur lost its practice spot twice in two months, I had plenty of alone-time at my house with the Moog. Around this time I started watching the Twin Peaks series again for the fourth or fifth time - almost every episode gave me an idea for a song, or a sound, so I took mental notes and gradually started writing songs using those ideas.

Anyway, under the mesmerizing influence of Twin Peaks, I just wrote songs randomly, did overdubs randomly, and kind of let it go from there, mostly on intuition. Some songs took four months to complete, others took four hours - listening back, however, I can't tell which is which.

After recording around 15 songs or so, I realized that I didn't have a very cohesive album - some songs just didn't fit in with the rest. And, so, this EP is the collection of the bastard songs that didn't fit in with the songs on the full-length LP, The Owl Ring and the Smiling Bag (BPR-024).
Format: digital album  Time: 29:23 Released: 2007-01-22
# song name length mp3
1 Dopplgangers Appear 3:20 
2 The Coming and Going of Misfortune 3:52 
3 J'ai Une Ame Solitaire (Vocal Mix) 2:14 
4 Hjemkomst 11:11 
5 J'ai Une Ame Solitaire (NOVA Remix) 2:27 
6 Kill and Compare [BONUS TRACK] 2:51 
7 Mountains of Mars [EXTRA SUPER BONUS TRACK] 3:30 
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