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potpie BPR-022
Untitled #40
potpie's 40th birthday was also the occasion of his 14th release. This one is even more limited than usual, with only 20 copies made and only available to friends who came to his b-day party (which was also notable for his homemade pitcooked NC style BBQ).

It is a simple concept album... potpie just arranged his iTunes library to play from shortest song to longest song and recorded the first 40 minutes of everything under 40 seconds long. The results are a "musique concrete" style collage of potpie's diverse record collection that works frighteningly well and gives an interesting peek into some of his influences.
Format: limited edition CD-R  Time: 40:03 Released: 2006-11-25
# song name length mp3
1 untitled #40 40:03 
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