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“Eat shit Dr John, Aaron Neville and Wynton Marsalis, for this simple collage is as apt a post-Katrina depiction as I can imagine, in part because, like so many of the displaced lives to which its echoes pay subtle tribute, it is destined to never be widely heard.” –brainwashed

“minimal drones break into liberating jams incorporating sine wave generators, acoustic guitars, and bullhorns” –offBeat

potpie BPR-017
Waterline is the latest self-produced release by New Orleans minimalist potpie, and the 13th release in the last 9 years. Recorded post-Katrina, Waterline showcases potpie’s trademark ultra-minimal drones followed by cathartic free jams with potpie raging on a dozen instruments including bullhorn, psychedelic guitar
freakouts, sine wave generators and much more…

potpie’s previous release potpie plays Eno (vol.
2 is said to be in the works) may be similar in the vague sense of “ambience” but this disc has much more of the feeling of psychological unease... plus we haven’t heard potpie rock out before (except when playing live with King Ghidorah, an ultra heavy doom drone project with members of Chef Menteur, or in his space rock side project Shatner).

potpie’s CD-R's are always an extremely limited affair and this one is no exception, an edition of 50 with hand drawn and submerged CD covers will (joining his other 12 releases) soon be gone.

Update: GONE! As usual, we're making all mp3s available for free download now that the CD has sold out, with the exception of "Blues for the Lower 9" which is available on the Proud To Swim Home Compilation.

Format: limited edition CD-R  Time: 38:27 Released: 2006-05-03
# song name length mp3
1 The Embryo Hunts In Secret 5:32 
2 Saturn jam 5:27 
3 Untitled chord organ solo #1 6:06 
4 Instruction in the Great Science of the Six-syllable Mantra 8:33 
5 Blues for the Lower 9 3:19 
6 Manson/Nixon jam 9:32 
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