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Shinola BPR-002
Shinola Hits the Fan! / Shinola Plays Faux Country
A "double album" cassette compliation of most of Shinola's recorded output through their demise in 1997, mostly demos, home recordings, and live versions since they never recorded a proper album in a proper studio, but there was always a 4-track handy. Also features a handful of songs by related/side project bands Ophelia's Backporch Revolution ("Washin'", "Train to Sligo"), the Flanderses ("I'll keep It With Mine") and Ch'rora ("Something Stupid"); as well as a couple of Alec's songs ("On the Porch", "When Your Love Runs Out" -- recorded on a boombox in Dublin) since it helped fill out the 90 minute cassette.

Out of print. A CD version of this may be released at some point; and additional mp3's may be sporadically added as well.
Format: cassette  Time: 1:30:00 Released: 1997-00-00
# song name length mp3
1 (You Loved Me For My) Cigarettes 3:31 
2 Ashtray 3:36 
3 Particle Board 4:24 
4 Ophelia's Backporch Revolution: Train To Sligo 4:07 
5 Bootlicker 6:20 
6 Vodka 3:54 
7 Who's a Fuck-up? 2:55 
8 V.F.W. 3:46 
9 Country Hate Song #9 (live at WXDU) 3:40 
10 Workingman's Friend 3:59 
11 Ophelia's Backporch Revolution: Washin'  
12 Faux Country  
13 Ophelia's Backporch Revolution: On The Porch  
14 Ch'rora: Something Stupid  
15 Ophelia's Backporch Revolution: When Your Love Runs Out  
16 The Flanderses: I'll Keep It With Mine  
17 Caffeine  
18 Alisa  
19 Chorine (Obscurity Beckons)  
20 Jub-jub  
21 Ferrovia  
22 Ballad of Freakwater  
23 (My Favorite) Marxist Waitress  
24 Two Turds and a Golf Ball