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King Ghidorah BPR-011
King Ghidorah
Chef Menteur and potpie join forces to create a monolithic slab of heavy HEAVY drone, for fans of Boris, Earth etc.

"All right, let's be honest... This is us getting really really stoned, drinking absinthe and leaning our guitars against the amps and letting them do all the hard work. Does it kick ass? Damn straight! Does it save Jim thousands of dollars in therapy? You know it."--potpie, summer 2005
Format: limited edition CD-R  Time: 37:43 Released: 2005-06-06
# song name length mp3
1 Scorched Earth Policy (pt.1) 12:09 
2 Scorched Earth Policy (pt.2) 8:24 
3 Gate of Flesh 2:02 
4 Blood is Redder Than The Sun 15:03 
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