Backporch Revolutionbackporchrevolution

“"Vodka" is one of those twisted little songs which will cling to the lining of yr brainpan for, oh, hours after you've heard it... ” –Triangle Rock

“drunken vocals with noisy guitar riffs and distorted violins ... a frenzied mesh of self-pitying lyrics and finely arranged harmonic feedback” –Billboard Singles

“You can envision these blokes playing homemade instruments in the sticky sweat of a Southern summer” –Magnet

“dripping with attitude and guts... Shine on.” –Indie File

Shinola BPR-001
Shinola's debut single and Backporch Revolution's first release. Recorded by Chris Palmatier in 1995 to 8 track; mixed by Marc Becker; released in October 1995.

A side: "Vodka" (3:52)
B side: "Who's A Fuck-up?" (2:50)
Format: 7" (45 rpm)  Time: 6:42 Released: 1995-10-15
# song name length mp3
1 Vodka 3:54 
2 Who's a Fuck-up?