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“pure psychedelia, a shimmering eastern delight, complete with real Sitar” –Terrascope

“shimmering, lush... wondrous space rock ambience” –The WIRE

“drones and throbs like one big continuous art piece - this is noise rock in the vein of Acid Mothers Temple or Kinski” –Prefix

“(9 out of 10) ... either these guys record everything and shake out the seeds and stems or they are musical geniuses or savants that hit the mark each time out ” –Foxy Digitalis

“This unpredictable, sprawling soundtrack... strays from convention and deceives all my pre-conceived notions... brimming with equal parts pins and needle tension and stoned space jams.” –Six Ten Split

“Fresh, hauntingly beautiful and truly therapeutic. Hit 'repeat'.” –Beat the Indie Drum

Chef Menteur BPR-010
We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
The debut full-length album (after a series of EP's) from Chef Menteur is an instrumental epic released shortly before Hurricane Katrina that finds the band at its darkest and most psychedelic so far: an epic and heady journey into deep watery spaces that includes filmic soundscapes, organ grooves, eastern-tinged melodies, heavy guitars, ambient pastorals, and more than a few dark moments. The culmination of two years of homemade sonic experimentation on lo-fi recordings by Chef Menteur in their (now lost) tiny New Orleans studio.

We Await Silent Tristero's Empire has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from Terrascope to the Wire (UK), and has been called a psychedelic masterpiece from beginning to end. (See reviews below).

Bryan Killingsworth: Pro-1 synth, banjo
Alec Vance: guitars, organ, sitar, dulcimers, synths, vocals
Jim Yonkus: bass, synthesizers
with Chris Sule (drums), Mike Mayfield (drums)

Recorded & Mixed by Chef Menteur in New Orleans
Engineered: Alec Vance & Bryan Killingsworth
Mixed & Produced by Alec Vance & Jim Yonkus
Mastered by John Fischbach at Piety Street Recording, New Orleans.

"One thing that the liner notes do not include is that the yelping on the song 'W.A.S.T.E.' are actually New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board sanitation employees picking up (and throwing back down mercilessly) the garbage in the early morning as captured with a mic sticking out the window. Combining it with the 16 tracks of handclaps Bryan and I layered with the dulcimers led one reviewer to describe it as a 'hootenany.'"—Alec

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Format: CD  Time: 1:12:52 Released: 2005-02-23
# song name length mp3
1 Europa 7:24 
2 Pointu 4:52 
3 Paysans de la Mer 2:10 
4 Matiasma 2:36 
5 Charlie Don't Surf 3:01 
6 w.a.s.t.e 6:19 
7 Pseudologia Fantastica 3:21 
8 Maida Vale 2:35 
9 Caverns of the White Widow 7:17 
10 Ad Astra Per Despera 6:02 
11 Pointu II 10:04 
12 Io 17:05 
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