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Chef Menteur BPR-009
Vive la France! EP
Chef Menteur's first studio release, this EP contains 4 new songs that demonstrate the maturing sound of the group, from the post-rock electronica of "empires" to the echoes of psych minimalism à la Stars of the Lid in "le choc des étoiles" plus as a bonus track, a live version of "E-meter" from Live at the Mermaid Lounge. (Although called an EP, with the bonus track the CD clocks in at 38 minutes, the length of many other bands' albums.)
Format: CD-R  Time: 37:36 Released: 2003-07-01
# song name length mp3
1 l'explorateur 8:20 
2 le choc des étoiles 10:04 
3 écoutez & répétez 7:36 
4 empires sans frontières 4:57 
5 e-meter (live) 6:42 
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