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Backporch Revolution Podcast {bpr.podcast}
An umbrella podcast that combines all episodes of all podcasts on, including Tyrconnell (aka Dr Gumbo), Mike Mayfield and the GF!Nola crew.
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dr gumbo (aka Tyrconnell) {bpr.podcast}
Tyrconnell is New Orleans-born DJ T. Dylan O'Donnell. After a four-year stint in Rome performing as Dr Gumbo, he returns to the Sliver by the River with his crates full of international wax. Maintaining a passion for all music "other than contemporary country and R&B", Tyrconnell relishes his native city's connection to the Afro-Caribbean music world at large. As a result, he leans heavily towards dub, soul, the sounds of Brazil, Jamaica, India, and of course, Africa, and their various manifestations and fusions with the world of modern electronica.
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Mugulasha Soundsystem {bpr.podcast}
DJs Mike Mayfield and Dylan O'Donnell (aka Tyrconnell) team up to spin the decks, mining their respective collections of global gems.
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GF!NOLA {bpr.podcast}
GF!NOLA crew.
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Desert Island DJs {bpr.podcast}
Backporch Revolution's new series of survival podcasts for 2012 featuring some former WTUL New Orleans DJs, BPR musicians, and other folks with eclectic music tastes. The rules are evolving, but in this version of Lord of the Flies, Piggy and the glasses win.
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