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Desert Island DJs:
“POP de la FEMME”
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Sun, 26 Jan 2014
Female singers, pop songs…..GO! Being that these were the only two criteria for our mix it could've ended up being three days long, and almost was…. but you have to stop somewhere. We hope you enjoy. - Aubrey & Shae

0:00 Sibylle Baier 'Give Me A Smile'
1:53 Danielle Dax 'Evil Honky Stomp'
6:03 The Breeders 'Hag'
8:43 Elizabeth Fraiser 'Moses'
12:39 Hydroplane 'International Exiles'
16:39 Dog Faced Hermans 'Fortune'
20:51 Club 8 'Baby, I'm Not Sure If This Is Love'
25:13 Laika 'Almost Sleeping'
29:00 Steeleye Span 'Saucy Sailor'
32:44 Movietone 'Useless Landscape'
36:15 The Poppy Family 'Free From The City'
38:28 Mum 'We Have A Map Of The Piano'
43:26 Bows ''King Deluxe'
47:24 Lali Puna 'Faking The Books'
51:19 Shelleyan Orphan 'Muddied-Up'
56:00 Dubstar 'Stars'
59:43 Scala 'Tears'
64:20 Guitar 'House Full Of Time'
69:06 Hooverphonic 'Cinderella'
72:48 Yaz 'Winter Kills'

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